WWE Night of Champions Results: The Shield vs The PrimeTime Players


On WWE’s preshow on YouTube they held a Tag Team Turmoil that would decide who would take on The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships on the main card.

The Shield vs The PrimeTime Players (Tag Team Championships)

With Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins already in the ring celebrating with Dean Ambrose, The PrimeTime Players make the entrance.

Rollins shows off his speed against Titus O’Neil who lands a couple kicks and slaps to the heavyweight. Rollins finally gets caught in a fall away slam set up but gets thrown to the side.

Titus who is clearly the muscle of this group manhandles Rollins for a minute before tagging in his tag team partner Darren Young. Young works a headlock on Rollins and gets pressed to the ropes. Young hits Rollins with a shoulder block and picks up a two count.

Both teams exchange offensive attacks in each of their corners. The PrimeTime Players get rolling as they stomp Rollins in the corner then clotheslinig Reigns over the top ropes.

Young gets in a chase outside of the ring with Rollins only to get caught up by both members. Reigns takes over the match up, throwing Young into and over the turnbuckle. Reigns delivers a nasty knee to the chin of the challenger and covers him for a two count.

Rollins looks to take Titus off the apron but runs into a back body drop by Young who gets the hot tag on O’Neil. The big man gets in the ring and quickly takes out both members of The Shield. He unloads rights and lefts on Rollins  then gets caught with a kick to the head.

O’Neil hits Rollins with his finish but the count gets broken up by Reigns. Reigns hits O’Neil with a spear, Rollins pins and picks up the victory to retain the Tag Team Championships.

WINNERS: The Shield

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