Did iTunes pull a Breaking Bad bait and switch?


If you watch Breaking Bad you’ll know that they split the final season up to two parts. However when you go to the iTunes store, they’re treated as two different seasons sold separately, not together. That has a lot of Breaking Bad followers crying foul.

Dallas based lawyer Brian Cuban tackled the issue in his segment, “Brian Cuban’s Legal Briefs” on CW.

“Of course they did,” Cuban says when asked the question.

Breaking Bad lists 16 episodes for Season 5 for one price, but in order to see the last half of the season you have to buy the episodes from a separate season essentially.

“There is nothing about a split season at twice the price,” Cuban says referring to the iTunes description.

“I consider myself a reasonable minded consumer,” Cuban says. “And my conclusion was that absent of clarification, I was getting all 16 episodes for one price.”

This has brought about a class-action lawsuit. Cuban says he isn’t a fan of class-action lawsuits which makes lawyers rich and give consumers little. In the e-mail Cuban reads it says that Apple blamed it on AMC, but Cuban said that Apple is liable for it because it is their site and their store and says it constitutes deceptive advertising.

Expect a 50 cent coupon or something soon.

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