Sep 14, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr (left) and Justin Bieber appear in the ring after Mayweather defeated Canelo Alvarez by a majority decision at their WBC and WBA super welterweight titles fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez judges scorecards: Keith Kizer defends 114-114 score

Many folks who watched the Floyd Mayweather vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez pay-per view over the weekend were shocked that one judge, Cynthia “C.J.” Ross, had scored the bout as a draw, but the controversial judge has the backing of Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer, who publicly backed the questionable decision.

Mayweather seemed to dominate the fight from start to finish, but when the judge’s scorecards were read the official result was a majority decision.

There was immediately public outcry and fans and media members alike asking for Ross to be punished, but Kizer tried to shed some light on what could have gone on in Ross’ head as she made the controversial call.

“Just because a judge’s scorecard ends up even, doesn’t mean the judge necessarily thought the fight as a whole was even,” Kizer said, via USA Today. “It could be that a judge has six rounds for each fighter, but the six rounds she gave fighter A, she gave them to him easily and the six rounds she gave fighter B, they were really close rounds. That’s pretty much how it was last night.”

The public outcry was overwhelming, but Kizer wouldn’t back down in his defense of the judge.

“Let’s say you don’t agree with her on the eighth round,” Kizer said. “One round out of 24 you disagree with her and you think she should never judge again? “How is that nothing more than mob mentality?

“I understand why there’s criticism, because people think of the entire fight and think Mayweather was certainly the better fighter, so how can you have a draw?” he added. “The answer is the scoring system.”

The only reason that this score was so debated is because it happened during the most watched boxing fight in the history of the sport.

Unfortunately, these questionable decisions are often made in boxing and mixed martial arts on a regular basis. Like it or not, judging ringside is not an easy job and you can never tell what the judge will see.

That is why many fighters adopt the mantra, “Never leave it in the hands of the judges.”

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