GTA 5 soundtrack: Listen to soundtrack online


Video game fans are anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s release of the new Grand Theft Auto V game after plenty of build up and hype. There will be a number of stores that open for a midnight release so gamers can get their hands on GTA V early, but until then there is something that can whet your appetite.

The soundtrack is available to listen to online thanks to a Spotify playlist and it features a wide variety of artists that will be included in the game.

From NWA to Snoop Doggs to Elton John and Britney Spears, there will be plenty of music for everyone — though it is unlikely that fans of the game are eager to jam out to some Elton John and Spears as they go through their missions, rain down bullets and speed around the huge map.

However, the music always adds to the game experience and it cannot be ignored.

There are a total of 86 songs on the soundtrack to provide a large variety of music from every genre, so be sure to check it out and get an early feel for which station you will be tuning in to as you cruise around the game.

You can listen to the playlist below:

GTA V releases at midnight on September 17, so be sure to go out and get your copy.

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