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GTA 5 will not release on PC; website is fake

With Grand Theft Auto 5 set to release on Tuesday, September 17, PC gamers were getting giddy with the thought of receiving a computer version of the game whenever a website surfaced featuring a countodown for the PC version of the game —

Unfortunately for those who got really excited, the website appears to be a big phony.

As Cinema Blend points out:

If you look through the source code of the web page you’ll notice something fishy: support links to To sum it up quickly: You know how you see a YouTube account or Twitter account with several hundred thousand subscribers but it seems like the account has douche-tosh content and nothing worthwhile to offer and you’re left wondering what sort of brain-dead zombie would subscribe to see douche-tosh content? Well, it’s websites like Adixy that offer premium services to superficially inflate the appearance of social media reaction by pumping up the numbers with drone accounts; hence this is why the Rockstarannouncement page has so many retweets, follows, etc., etc.

Last but certainly most important is the who-is information. If you think there’s still an inkling of hope that maybe Rockstar is behind the website and an announcement for the PC and PS4 versions of the game, just check out where the site was registered through and who owns it via the information:
Registration Service Provided By:
Registered through: eNom, Inc.

The site was registered on September 10th last week and expires on the same date of 2014. It was registered by the same company who also hosts called Enom, Inc.

It is also pointed out that the site appears to have no real ties to Rockstar, so that is the first big sign that the whole thing is fake.

As someone who started off by playing Grand Theft Auto on his PC, I was really pumped out about the idea, but those hopes came crashing down after further investigation.

It could be possible that a PC release is in the future if GTA V is a raging success, but the “Big Reveal” that is currently being advertised by the phony website has absolutely no truth behind it. Heart-breaking.

The good news is that you can all head out at midnight to get your new copy of the game for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

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