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Johnny Manziel considered undraftable

Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback is in his second season at the helm of the Aggies offense. He is however eligible for the 2014 NFL draft if he wanted to enter, it might not be a wise choice for him to do so according to Peter King.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes:

One scout at Manziel’s absolutely ridiculous game against Nick Saban’s Alabama defense Saturday told me Sunday: “It’s like [wrestler] Ric Flair once said: ‘You may not like this, but you better learn to love it.’ ‘’

But Manziel, to many teams right now, would be undraftable because they’re scared of his mood swings and off-field questions. But it only takes one team out of 32 to fall for him. And some team will, unless he self-destructs between today and draft day.

King adds that “Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer scouted the game. Hmmmmmm. Johnny Dawg Pound!” The Browns seem to be ready to move past the Brandon Weeden era in Cleveland so the fit makes sense and they look headed for a Top 10 pick.

Manziel played relatively well against Alabama’s defense, he threw for 464 yards and 5 touchdowns, plus he ran for another 98 yards. That gives him nearly a thousand yards passing (984) and 11 touchdowns in three 2.5 games, just through the air.

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  • t anderson

    listen Pal, the NFL is very similar to WWF- its show biz. ANd Johnny boy Manziel may be a bit tart on the palate but by god you will keep taking bites. He is fun to watch. And he can QB- now some stodgy team like New England wants a QB to wear a button down and tie on the field but I promise there are teams who won’t mind Johnny wearing a hawaiian shirt untucked and no socks as long as he brings in the fans.

    I enjoy watching the lad- he riminds me of my college bravado- cock strong and unrepentant. a bold sinner..a Sigma Nu.

    • Mike Dyce

      He’ll get a chance in the NFL, without a doubt. But having him on the roster solely to sell tickets? If a team hasn’t brought in Tim Tebow strictly to sell tickets they won’t bring Manziel in strictly to sell tickets. Provided of course he isn’t producing on the field like Tebow.

      • t anderson

        will I think Johnny is a better pure passer than Tebow and can run. Tebow is really a fullback posing as a QB-

        BTW, I would have Tebow on any team- he wants to win and I think he is great late in tight games..up back on punts- you would have to respect his running or throwing and pitchback option..I mean he is better than that loser Jacksonville is starting at QB.

        Manziel is a Fran Tarkenton but better arm and better legs..big hands..and he nearly beat ‘Bama again..Nick Saban asshole was chewing holes in his houndstooth pants late in the game- in spite of the 2 interceptions, Manziel had them back- Bama could not stop him- he stopped himself.

        • Bob E.

          As a Minnesota fan, Manziel has a damn LONG way to go to be considered “Better” than Scramblin’ Fran. And more than one game changing player has been booted off a team that sorely needs him because he acts completely unprofessional.

          • t anderson

            well maybe not better..yet..but I think he can be. besides he is fun to watch. and btw, who is the new loser Qb at Minn ? why don’t thye give vince young a shot. all young does is win.

            josh freeman ? never was much in college. VY beat Sc for the nat; title single handed. he won quite few NFL games as a starter too. josh freeman ? loser.

          • Bob E.

            Success in college doesnt mean success in the Pro’s and vice-versa… It’s a strong indicator granted but, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick out of college, showing college is a whole diffrent ballgame in general.

          • t anderson

            so what is your point? what counts is winninng games. like tony romo- he doesn’t win big games. Brady generally does.

            Manziel seems to have that intangible quality…because lets face it, without him the aggies wouldn’t be much.

            and , as I said, Minn cannnot seem to find a decent QB- maybe its time to take a chance..Freeman is not the answer. McNabb was not the answer. Rosenfels was not the answer and on and win in the NFL you must now be mobile and a playmaker and late in the game not make the costly turnover. I still think Vince Young would be a good solution for the Viks. He likes big games.

    • Jerrod Decanter

      yah and tebow was a show also until he got knocked off his high horse now look at him

      • t anderson

        Tim Tebow got screwed over in Denver and in NY. He may be finished in the NFL which is a shame but he is not finished in life. I predict good things for the lad. I still think he was a major talent but didn get the chances he deserved.

        • cheney2jail

          A major talent? As what, TV televangelist? 32 pro GMS, all of whose jobs depend on winning, don’t think he’s worth a roster spot as a pro. I suppose you think he got a raw deal with his buddy in New England as well, when the truth is that he can’t throw well enough to be a pro QB.
          I could never stand any Sigma Nu I ever met, but I agree with you that somebody will take a shot with Manziel, who is twice the prospect that Tebow ever was. He’ll either implode or be a huge star.

  • Jonathan Lopez

    Correction Mike Dyce, those stats are through 1.5 games :)

    • Mike Dyce

      Haha, you’re right.

      • Ronald Miller

        Wouldn’t that be 2.5 games ????

        • Mike Dyce

          yes, you’re right

  • SimplyEllen

    He will be alright he has his family millions to fall back on!!!

  • Tim Rose

    Johnny Football in Cleveland could be to the Dawg Pound what Favre was for Green Bay. Both blue-collar, brutally cold cities. He could be a legend there and if any franchise needs a shot in the arm, it’s the poor Browns.

  • GetRealAtl

    Well, if he is available when the Falcons select they’d be foolish to pass on him. Mobile, Slippery, Fast, Accurate Passer… a hell of a backup to Ryan!

  • jamessavik

    I’m thinking it’s a tad early to close the book on him. He’s still got the best part of three years of college to grow up and polish his game.

    I hope he stays in school. Most of the guys that go early aren’t ready.

  • John Doe’s Father

    He’ll get drafted. He’s an excellent QB. He does it all well, throws, scrambles, runs, and call plays all well enough to be in the NFL. With that said , there’s no question that he hurts himself with these childish antics. NFL teams don’t want another guy to babysit. They’ve been hurt in recent years by players acting like invincible children with big wallets. I think they will be hesitant to bring in another one with that exact history. They will hire him anyway, but not for as much as if he were a Tebow with more talent . Johnny is hurting himself , but not eliminating himself.

  • John Doe’s Father

    One more think Mike. He didn’t “play relatively well against Alabama” He played VERY well against Alabama. Had A&M defense been up to the challenge, the Tide would have lost. And I’m a Bama man. The Tide won that game by the skin of their teeth (as my mom used to say).

  • valorius

    562 total yards of offense and 4 td’s is ‘relatively well?’

    on what freaking planet?

    • Ma Hu

      He also had 2 INT’s, one of which was in the endzone.

  • jimmy

    Manziel will be another Mark Sanchez !

  • Ivan__Drago

    The editor that wrote the headline to this article clearly did not take the time to read the article. It’s a true disservice to the author.

  • John Doe’s Father

    Why would you name this article “Considered undraftable” then spend most of the ink on why he’ll be drafted and who might be interested ? He’ll be drafted. Anyone that thinks otherwise is mistaken. I can’t stand the moron and “might ” not watch a game , just because he’s in it, But he’s gonna make big money. He’ll either wake up and start acting like a man, or someone will assist in his education. I’ve heard it said that his teammates like him, but they’re boys. He’s gonna start playing with and mouthing off to, MEN. If you don’t think that matters, consider this. How would a game between A&M and a mid level NFL team go ? Perfect example of Boys and Men . The difference in the mentality between a high school team and a college team , carries on to the Pros. I believe he’ll come around ; for whatever reason. He’s a bright, good lookin kid with tremendous ability and the promise of MAJOR money. How anyone can keep their head on straight with that load on their shoulders is the real question.

  • Bill Morrison

    Come on, Manziel is still a kid. He´ll mature, and will be a fine pro.

  • chuck howard

    Manziel will be the next Tim Tebow, all hype and nothing to offer in the NFL. No character, no leadership, no brains and too short. Compare him all you want to Drew Brees and Russel Wilson but nobody would ever question the intelligence or character of either of these two.

  • Guys Gab

    Looks like you were right on the money Mike!