Sep 14, 2013; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini before the game against the UCLA Bruins at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini curses out fans" "F**** you fans"

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini is in some hot water after an audio clip from 2011 made it’s way onto the internet. In the clip Pelini is venting after a 2011 game about both fans and the media. The game is supposedly an October 8th, 2011 match up against Ohio State in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Huskers came back from three touchdowns to beat Ohio State that game.

Pelini apparently didn’t know he was being recorded and his comments were made off the record moments before Pelini was set to be interviewed by Greg Sharpe for the Husker Sports Network.

He unloads on World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel:

“F*** him, too. F*** him. That’s what I’m going to tell him. He wants to walk out after my press conference? I’m gonna say, ‘Get the f*** away from me. I’m done with you, motherf***er. I’m done with him.’”

His ire wasn’t reserved for just the media, he also unloads on fans.

“It took everything in my power to not say, ‘F*** you, fans. F*** all of you.’ F*** ‘em.”

“Our crowd. What a bunch of f***ing fair-weather f***ing—they can all kiss my ass out the f***ing door. ‘Cause the day is f***ing coming now. We’ll see what they can do when I’m f***ing gone. I’m so f***ing pissed off.”

It might not have come as soon as he had thought since this rant was about 2 years ago, but it could be coming now.

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  • James M Nordman

    Im a little dissapointed with Coach Pelini. I think fans naturally rally behind a winning team. Ive been upset with the way things go throughout some games. That being said, everyone has bad days and needs to vent. It is unfortunate that the comments were caught on tape. Still, that is not what upsets me. What I’m really upset with is why did this take so long to surface? Why release this now? Hidden agenda?