Rolles Gracie on wrong end of embarrassing knockout (GIF)

Dec 29, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Blood hangs on the cage during Yushin Okami and Alan Belcher’s match up in the middleweight division. Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Part of what makes mixed martial arts so incredible is the fact that anything can happen at any time. However, sometimes things happen so fast that you can’t exactly see what went down until the replay is shown.

That is exactly what happened at World Series of Fighting 5 over the weekend when Rolles Gracie took on Derrick Mehman in a heavyweight bout.

Heavyweights are always exciting because of their one-punch knockout power and Mehman put his on display with a swinging right hook that put Gracie to sleep. The punch isn’t what made the knockout embarrassing for Gracie. Instead, it was the awkward reaction to the contact right on his chin and the steps that followed.

Gracie took the powerful shot right on the jaw, before doing a 180 degree turn and taking a few steps before falling face first in to the mat.

When you watch the replay, the knockout makes it clear that Gracie has a glass jaw which will make it difficult for him to compete at the highest level in the sport.

There is no denying his grappling, but the striking leaves a lot to be desired.

There are really no words for what happened in the cage, so just watch the GIF of the knockout via Zombie Prophet and be in awe with how things went down:

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