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Texas A&M raises $740 million since Johnny Manziel started

If there was ever a debate that universities make money off the back of athletes, this might be one of the key exhibits. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel certainly has helped restablish the football program which has led to an increase in money from a Cotton Bowl appearance to merchandise and ticket sales, but that might not even be the biggest source of income.

Since Johnny Manziel took over at quarterback for Texas A&M, they’ve raised $740 millions in donations, according to the Dallas Morning News.

From the DMN:

The resurgence of Aggies football helped Texas A&M raise a record $740 million in donations during the past year.

The fundraising haul exceeds the university’s previous high mark by nearly 70 percent.  It also dwarfed the more than $400 million raised by rival University of Texas during the same period.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Ed Davis, president of the Texas A&M Foundation, said three factors had driven the university’s fund-raising success: confidence among alumni and other donors that A&M is a place “on the move,” substantial wealth generation as a result of Texas’ robust energy economy, and a “positive demographic shift” that has created a large pool of donors who are in their prime giving years.

“When we began the millennium, we had 20,000 former students who were 55 or older. Today we have about 50,000, and by 2020 we’ll have 100,000,” Mr. Davis said in an interview. The successful campaign, he said, had been “dominated by gifts from wealth, not from income.”

Of course, it all comes back to football and Johnny Manziel.

“Football is one heck of a megaphone for us to tell our story,” John Sharp, chancellor of the Texas A&M University system.

I guess that’s the Johnny Manziel effect.

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  • Mary Waltman

    And, how much did Manziel and his family get???????