Aug 2, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Russian president Vladimir Putin during the men's judo final. Mandatory Photo Credit: Andrew Weber, USA Today Sports

Vladimir Putin says workers need to increase pace in preparation for Olympics

Russian president Vladimir Putin is unhappy with how slow the work is going in terms of preparing his country to host the 2014 Olympics. Especially displeased with the flooding at the Sochi airport, Putin had this message for the people working to get the city ready for the Winter Games:

Despite the large amount of work that has been done – it’s a simply colossal amount – there are ongoing failures and delays which in general are normal for such a big job.


But I want to draw your attention to the start date for the Games and the fact that we cannot move it … in order to cope with this problem, you need to work very effectively (Reuters).

The airport flooding is definitely troubling considering the airport is expected to deal with 3,800 passengers per hour for the duration of the Olympics.

Putin specifically mentioned Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, saying, “I myself will come here more often and I ask you, even though you are sitting here almost all the time, to report to me every two weeks.” Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you, Kozak. It’s probably not wise to upset Putin.

[Source: Reuters]

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