WWE Raw: Triple H strips Daniel Bryan of WWE Championship

Monday Night Raw opened up with Daniel Bryan coming down to the ring with his newly won WWE Championship belt. He enjoyed some loud cheers and praise from the WWE Universe and barely got to talk on the mic before Triple H came down to enter.

He claimed he was there to address the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, the fast count that awarded Daniel Bryan the WWE title in last night’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. He brought the referee from the match out to the ring and compared videos of his cadence when counting Daniel Bryan’s pin over Randy Orton.

“It was a fast count, I don’t know,” the referee said after Triple H compared the videos in front of him and the crowd.

Triple H wasn’t buying it.

“I made a mistake,” the referee said.

Triple H kept pressing and the referee looked at Daniel Bryan and said “they got us.”

Triple H dismissed the referee after that and focused his attention on Bryan. This led Triple H to take away the WWE Title belt from Bryan. He said he wasn’t returning it to Randy Orton and said there could be a rematch in the future.

“As of right now, there is no WWE Champion,” Triple H said.

Both title reigns for him have been incredibly brief.

Bryan was reluctant to return the belt and argued with Triple H until Randy Orton’s music came on and he made his way to the ring. Triple H kept him away at first but as Triple H pressured him for the belt, which he called “tied up,” Bryan stood steady. Orton eventually delivered an RKO to Bryan that helped Triple H leave with the belt.

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  • ousmane

    daniel bryan should win the title

  • Raj Sharma

    Daniel Bryan is a champ he diserve to be a champion i mean yes yes yes…