Sep 14, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron (10) directs the offense against the Texas A&M Aggies. Mandatory Photo Credit: Thomas Campbell, USA Today Sports

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron fine with ‘game manager’ label

Being called a “game manager” if you’re a quarterback — or “Mr. Game Manager” if you’re the quarterback for the Bluth family — is supposed to be a backhanded compliment. Evidently, the ability to get ten other players on the same page while dealing with hostile crowds and vicious defenses isn’t impressive (cue eye roll). Being a mere game manager means you probably aren’t flashy and you probably don’t put up ridiculous statistics. However, if your AJ McCarron, being a game manager means you win a ton of ballgames. Now I’m no football expert, but I’m pretty sure winning is, like, important and stuff.

Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron was asked about the label on Monday. He shrugged off the implication that it was a pejorative, saying, “I really don’t care what people view me as. If that’s the way other people view me, it’s fine. I know the way my teammates view me, and I think my teammates feel like I’m an important player on the field for us at all times” (ESPN).

Screw you, AJ McCarron. How dare you be okay with being a leader! You’re just a game manager! A game manager with a gorgeous girlfriend and two national titles and an inside shot at winning an unprecedented third championship this year, sure, but still: you should be ashamed.

[Source: ESPN]

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  • J.O

    Love the sarcasm! #RTR

  • ndotken

    The best “game manager” of all time wears #18 and plays for the Denver Broncos … average arm strength and he can’t run … but he’s a pretty f’n good quarterback … just sayin