What if Breaking Bad took place on Facebook?


First of all, if you aren’t up to date with the series and the most recent episode of Breaking Bad is sitting on your DVR, you might want to save this. Last Sunday’s episode was quite the shocker. We were left with a cliff hanger before at the end of the last episode and it was resolved somewhat in last night’s episode but the show took some more surprising turns.

People have been tuning in in record numbers to watch the final season of Breaking Bad. Despite how awesome the show is it, it dances around social media for the most part. But what if Breaking Bad had Facebook involved? This might be what it is like.

They use some awesome Facebook stereotypes in this. My favorite is the first one with the throw back Thursday post.

They added in Anheuser Busch trying to buy Hank Schrader’s beer only to find he is no longer around. The relationship change with Jesse Pinkman is a little off. It makes sense in the context but we know on Facebook you can only have one relationship.

The other highlight I think is Walter Jr. reading recaps of the first 5 seasons to get caught up.

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