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Gold Lamborghini for sale for $7.5 million

Apparently, if you have an extra $7.5 million dollars lying around and want to show off you can now buy a one of a kind gold Lamborghini.

From CNBC:

Carved out of a 500-kilogram block of solid gold, the finished model contains 25 kilograms of the precious metal. Starting price for the eventual auction is set at $7.5 million, of which $650,000 will go to charity, according to the manufacturer’s website.

Precious metals and gemstones on the car are valued by the seller at $2.64 million. The custom model of the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4, crafted at a scale of 1:8 by RGE Robert Gulpen Engineering in Germany, is making its first appearance outside of Europe.

Yup, that’s the catch. It is a model car. That isn’t the only catch actually. It hasn’t even been made yet. That car in the photo and the video is a prototype on display in Dubai. It hasn’t been made to allow for individual customer preferences to be included.

It has earned three Guinness Book of World Records though: the most expensive model car, the most secure showcase (featuring bulletproof glass) and the most luxurious logo.

Here I was having all these hopes of seeing this car in rap videos for years to come. I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming.

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