Has Ubisoft struck gold with open world racer The Crew?


Ubisoft is one of the more well known publishers and developers in the gaming industry. They have made platform games, first-person shooters and adventure games. There is one area they had not delved into and this was a racing game.

They will end that when they release open world racer The Crew to next-gen consoles in Spring 2014. This is an interesting take on a racing game because of how big the map is going to be for the game. The size of New York City in The Crew is about the size of Liberty City in the popular GTA series.

The majority of racing games that come out usually tell you the story and they give a couple of options of how you want to proceed in the game.

However with it being open world this puts all of the control in the players’ hands as they decide what they want to do. The key aspect of this game is that there will be role-playing game elements as you do challenges and missions to earn experience points and cash that can be used to upgrade the car you have.

There is an in-depth customization system that allows the player to apply parts to the car and and see what those parts can do to the performance of the car. One thing that is emphasized in the game is that there will an attachment to the the car you have.

In other racing games game you will often switch from one car to the next without having the ability to customize the car to your preferred play style. The developers of this game would like the players to go through the game with them just using one car and making it their own. This choice is totally up the discretion of the player.

The game is also very diverse in the different types of races that you can be a part of.  There will be races that take you from the roads, to the dirt and then to the circuits.

Ubisoft definitely has another gem with The Crew and it will be one of those games that can gain a following on next-gen consoles.


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