Jan 7, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Alabama fans cheer prior to the start of 2013 BCS Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports

Will Alabama be wearing this black jersey during their ‘Blackout’ game? (photo)

While most teams wear alternate uniforms, that’s not something the University of Alabama partakes in. They’re more traditional in their uniform styling, so it’s a bit of a shock to see a newly released ‘blackout’ uniform for sale on Alabama’s team site.

Getting confirmation that Alabama will be wearing these uniforms hasn’t exactly been easy, but according to the website description, it sure sounds like it:

The Crimson Tide are built for hard-hitting, fast-paced gridiron action, and we know that’s exactly why you love them. Promote your Alabama gear to a level that’ll proudly flaunt your team’s skills and your own team dedication with this special Blackout Nike Limited jersey. Designed in the same styling as the gear your favorite players will wear on the field in the 2013 Blackout Game, it features strategic mesh ventilation, embroidered graphics and a tackle twill player number. Congratulations, you just upped your status to Ultimate Alabama Fan!

‘Designed in the same styling’ is up to interpretation I guess, and judging by the suggestion in the title that it’s ‘Game 4′, one could assume the ‘Blackout Game’ will take place against Ole Miss, who conveniently is scheduled to be in Tuscaloosa on September 28th, the fourth game of Bama’s season.

Thoughts, FanSided? Like them? Love them? Hate them?

Again – there’s been no confirmation these will be worn as of yet, though, the evidence is mounting.


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  • Lauren Allen Waites


  • Scott Hodnett

    #4 clearly means the number on the jersey. Alabama would never wear these in a million years. A riot would ensue.

  • Danny Bowen

    How is this “Evidence mounting”? Its for sale.. where is the “evidence” they will be wearing it during the game? lol If anything its for the fans.

  • Mike Graham


  • Jerry James

    Is this a “ploy” to make some sales? Why are they black, in the first place? Did someone slip up and put the wrong dye color in the vat? Is it just a way of causing some controversy??

    • DaleC

      I am betting it was done because hard-core Bama fans will buy anything related to their team.

      • Brock O’Neil Russell

        yea that u said die hard bama fans and whats wroung with that

        • DaleC

          There isn’t a thing in the world wrong with it. Although I went to Auburn, I grew up wanting to play for Bear and my Dad is a die-hard Bama fan. I think the classy Bama fans (not the “bammer” jerkwad morons that are lke our “barners”) are some of the best in any sport.

          After Texas, Bama sells more merchandise than any other NCAA team and that is because of loyalty to the team. After a long and tough down time, Saban has rekindled that fire for the fans and I think it is a great thing. Like most of my Auburn friends, we are thrilled with Bamas return to the top. It makes it more meaningful when we get to beat you guys in the Iron Bowl… not soon, but one day in the future.. :-)

          That said, I think the chances of Bama altering their classic and traditional uniforms are about as good as my Auburn Tigers winning the Iron Bowl this year. Bama’s unis are awesome and should never change in any major way. I also think that is a GREAT thing! I feel the same way about Auburn, Georgia, Texas, Nebraska, Tennessee and Penn State, among others. Tradiition means something and I hope my team never gets on the “Oregon/Nike Fashion Train”.

          Good luck this year and thanks for beating A&M!

  • David Orr

  • Rebecca Lockwood

    This clearly is not what Bama would do. The team is too enriched with pride and tradition that I do not see Saban allowing this to happen.

  • RMoore

    This jersey would never be worn by any school. Jersey color and numbers must be of contrasting colors, per NCAA rule. Otherwise, a 15 yard penalty per half would be assessed. See Auburn vs. Ark. St. two weeks ago. Ark. St. wore dark grey jerseys with garnet/dark red numbers. This is just a marketing jersey for retail sale.

  • ndotken

    I don’t think it’s possible for me to hate that ugly jersey more than I do. The Tide is Crimson and always will be.

  • Brad Bailey

    Those are hideous

  • Randy Daniels

    I hope not.

  • J.O

    Thats not how we do it down here… I highly doubt these make it on the field