Before & After iOS 7: How apps are changing


Today the highly anticipated iOS 7 update is coming. One of the changes they’re making is from a “rounded” look to a “flatter” look this time around. The changes haven’t been reserved just for the new iOS 7 and the look on the iPhone, it has forced third-party apps to change to match the new style as well.

From Tech Crunch:

It’s not just the look that’s changing for many apps, but the feel. In iOS 6 and before, you’d often find yourself diving deeper and deeper through layers of navigation to get to a specific piece of content. To escape and access another part of the app, you’d have to click the back button over and over.

Now many apps are moving towards a swipe-based interface, where different app features exist on parallel screens you can horizontally flip through with a flick of the thumb. For example, on Quora you can now swipe between different feeds like Top Stories and Questions & Answers.

I was reluctant to get caught up in the new hype machine that is the iOS 7 release. For me the excitement were the new iPhones but since I couldn’t get one right away I wasn’t too excited. The more I read about iOS 7 the more excited I am for the changes that are coming. I wasn’t in a particular hurry to get the update but now I find myself preparing for it.

Tech Crunch compared some of your favorite apps, and what they’ll look like under the new update.



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