iOS 7: Facebook redesigns app (Photos)


The new iOS 7 update for Apple devices is available for download right now. The long wait has ended, there has been some issues downloading and installing, but don’t panic Apple fans, it’s most likely due to the volume of traffic they’re experiencing right now.

The apps are updating to stay fresh and fit in with iOS 7’s new sleek flat look. Facebook is one of the apps that has updated to be apart of the trend, although the update won’t be available till late Wednesday.

The new Facebook app has made a few changes we can see in these pictures. They moved the navigation bar to the bottom of the page. The options along the bar are news feed, requests, messages, notifications and more. The more button brings up the bar we’re used to seeing hidden on the side in the old app, it is displayed in the second picture below. As an OU guy, I love the OU Alumni Association shout out in the picture.

Mashable writes:

The new iOS 7 Facebook app also has new aesthetic features to go along with the operating system’s new functionality, says Sharon. The app’s search and navigation bar across the top is translucent, and icons like the “paperclip” (used to denote an attachment) and the lettering in messages have been visually updated to “make the app feel at home” within iOS 7, says Sharon.

Here are some photos of the new look Facebook app:


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