iOS 7 release time and date: When to update your Apple device

Apple users have anxiously been awaiting the release of the newest operating system, iOS 7. Luckily for everyone who can’t wait to update their device, the wait is almost over. iOS 7 is set to release today, Wednesday, September 18, and folks are wondering around what time they will be able to make the update.

We have not yet had an official time set for the release, but we do know that history shows the newest operating system could become available at around 10:00 a.m. PT. For those East Coasters, that means sometime shortly after noon. If you’re overseas, the update will come later in the afternoon.

iOS 7 promises to be the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system” and we can’t wait to see how user friendly it is.

Once the update is available, you can make the changes directly on your phone or by plugging in to iTunes and updating from there. If the iOS 7 update is not available whenever you plug in to iTunes, make sure that your iTunes software is updated.

The latest operating system will only be available to those using the iPhone 4 and newer devices.

What feature of iOS 7 are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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  • dante

    um, 10 a.m. Pacific Time is 1 p.m. Eastern. Works for me!

    • J.T. campbell

      its 2:30 eastern still no signs of ios7

  • Jebediah Springfeld

    cant wait to use the blacklist function!!!

  • Jake Hernandez

    I will be at school

    • daniel

      i don’t! we have holiday!

  • Mikail Kote

    dang it i wanted to get it before i went to school :(

    • JJ

      haha me too

    • Erick Jordan


      • Jonathan Neal

        Well if you did any research apple always releases the new iOS at 10:00 am pst feel like a idiot now ?

        • Joe Valente


          • Jared

            Joe Velente FTW!

          • AR

            Joe Valente*

          • Joe Valente

            you spelled my name wrong :(

          • Jared

            D’oh! :-)

          • Jonathan Neal

            thanks lol

    • L:)

      It’s gonna be realeased when I’m in history at school and since I get bathroom passes for the quarter I’m going to use it so I can get ios7 then… Hahaha I’m soooo sneaky… If you are gonna be stuck in school ask to go to the bathroom and update it then… Plus I did the same thing for ios6…it worked :D

      • Jake Grosswiler

        Don’t U need WiFi or does it work without it???

        • Joe Valente

          You need WiFI

          • chelsea

            I know wifi is needed for the download.. is it necessary for the installation? mine’s already on the black apple screen but I have to go to work soon..

          • Joe Valente

            Nope, the software is downloaded to the phone, once it’s at the black screen, the phone is off and the installation starts. You’re good to go

      • Michael Betlock

        Maybe you should put your phone down and learn something while you’re in school.

        • L:)

          It’s a little late for that I updated it during fifth period witch is English and I didn’t get caught so I am one happy camper. I got into the schools wifi by asking my math teacher so I could update it. So yea him a happy camper now :D plus I did learn things I’m not dumb I’m just sneaky :]

          • gnubi

            “…witch is English…”

            You should have stayed in class.

          • L:)

            I didn’t leave the room… It took like a half hour… So…I updated it in class… I am in the back of the room so I got away with it. But I was paying attention… I looked up here and there and my teacher didn’t see what I was doing.

          • L:)

            Also It won’t happen again…until a newer ios comes out and I’m in school…witch I’m sure it won’t be for a while

        • L:)

          I don’t ever put my phone down in school…cause when lunch comes up I am allowed by the school to use what ever electronic device I just happen to have…when class is back on after lunch I DO “PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND LEARN” when I’m in math my teacher says we can use them to check grades on parent link and go to edmodo to see what new things our teachers posted or to check our work with a calculator. So once again I DO “PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND LEARN” so ha!

    • AR

      Ikr same here…… so unlucky today that there is no wifi in school when ios 7 is coming :(.

    • JemyNicolo

      Watch the Apple’s new iOS 7 makes bold statement.

    • Gorden Brown

      I love the new software, a bit bright, but works fantastic!

  • Chloe

    but I want it meow…

  • Alex


  • Omar Aziz

    I will update in school then.

  • Kael Lau

    how about the time in asia ?

    • Mr. E

      it’s going to be about 1 am Or so I am Living overseas(Tianjin China) Right now its going to be Released on 19th Thursday 1 AM(I think)…… Maybe :) So Excited I have all my Devices Plugged in Apps Updated,Synced,Transferred all Apps. I’M READY lol Good Luck

  • JJ

    Now im just gonna be thinking about it at school all day

  • Brad

    The main feature I’m looking forward to is the new notification setup. So looking forward to seeing what I have planned today without unlocking my phone and now just with one swipe :D

  • Rachel

    will i be able to download it remotely? or only by connecting to itunes?

    • Mashael

      You can download it from the device itself just go to settings, general then software update and it should show up :D make sure to have it on a charger though because your battery would most likely die while doing it.

      • Rachel

        awesome – that’s what I was hoping since I’ll be out at the time — I’ve already updated my apps, my itunes and backed up my phone — I’m all set!

        • Mashael

          Same. I’m just dying waiting for it to come wish it was sooner though…

          • Gorilla

            its 10:44 Pacific time here and still no ios 7… why??

  • Neven

    What time is that in mounten time in the USA

    • Mashael

      it’ll be out at 10:00 AM

      • Neven


        • alexfrank11

          Actually it’ll be around 11am MT

      • Aziz

        I’m in New Mexico.. What time should it be out down here..?

    • Thorsten Flynn Thill

      I live in Colorado so I’m in mst too. And I still don’t have it.

  • Erick Jordan

    Here’s why you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 7…yet

    At some point in the next 24 hours or so, Apple should unleash the first public release of iOS 7 upon the world. Millions – and I mean millions – of iOS device users will install it. But I encourage you to exercise caution. Why? Let me explain.

    The hype around iOS 7 is exceptional. Since its first unveiling in June, we’ve been enticed with iOS 7′s flat design, its reworking of essential user interface elements and its brand new features. And it is a major change for iOS users, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Apple’s legion of registered third-party developers have faithfully downloaded the beta releases, have learned their way around the new and improved developer tools, and many of them have already updated their apps to make them work well with iOS 7. Many more are behind them, bringing their code up to snuff for the new release.

    But that’s still a work in progress, and that brings me to my first point.

    Your apps and services might break

    As I said at the outset, iOS 7 is a significant rework of iOS. It’s arguably the most significant change to iOS since iOS was first introduced. That change is going to come with a few growing pains. One of them is that not all apps are going to be ready for iOS 7 on day one.

    Just anecdotally, I’ve been seeing loads of apps I use every day updated. I know developers are doing a good job of getting their stuff ready for the new release. But I’ve also had a few talks with developers who aren’t ready. Along with others who are biting their nails, hoping Apple’s review team gets their apps up in the store in time for the iOS 7 release.

    Some developers are also taking the route of replacing old apps with entirely new ones, optimized for iOS 7 and with other new features, that they’re charging money for. After all, the App Store still provides no direct way for developers to charge for upgrades. So even if your apps are all “up to date,” that doesn’t mean they’ll all work with iOS 7.

    Even if they work, some apps will look like crap

    iOS 7′s most ballyhooed feature is its new look and feel. That change is pretty radical. And while a lot of apps coming from iOS 6 will work, many of those haven’t been reworked to look nice on iOS 7. They haven’t adopted iOS 7′s new visual language. That’ll come in time, but it’s a process.

    In the interim, you’re going to see a mishmosh of apps that are up to date with iOS 7′s fundamental design and user interface changes, and those that aren’t. If you’re looking for consistency, you’ll need to wait until all your apps have been updated or replaced with new versions.

    Your older device may not support iOS 7, or may not support it well

    Bear in mind that iOS 7 doesn’t work on all iOS devices. If you’re using any iPhone prior to an iPhone 4, for example, you’re out of luck. Original iPads are out of luck. And any iPod touch prior to the fifth-general current model doesn’t qualify, either.

    But more than that, even if your device does make the cut, it may be a diminished experience. If you have an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2, for example, it might be worth waiting and seeing what the experience is like for other users of the same hardware. Sometimes devices right on the edge of minimum system requirements don’t provide the best user experience with the newest software.

    You probably don’t have to be on the bleeding edge

    If you have a legitimate reason to upgrade to iOS 7 on day one, don’t let me stop you – go right ahead. If iOS 7 has some absolutely critical feature that you need, or something that’s going to make your device use experience or your life way better, then by all means install it.

    But if the best reason you can come up with is “because it looks cool and I want to give it a try,” stop yourself for a moment and ask yourself: Is the novelty of using iOS 7 worth the potential risk in stability and the impact on my productivity?

    If the answer is no, you may want to take a back seat on this one and let other users try out iOS 7 before you. While there’s something to be said for being the first kid on your block with a shiny new toy, don’t paint yourself in a corner by killing your ability to work, either.

    You haven’t backed it up

    Please, please, please make sure you’ve backed up any iOS device you plan to install iOS 7. Back up your data to iCloud, if you’re using iCloud backups. Tether your iOS device(s) to your Mac or PC and back them up using iTunes.

    And while you’re at it, you may want to use the opportunity to do a little bit of spring (fall?) cleaning. If there are apps installed on your iOS device that you’re not using, by all means use this opportunity to delete them. You’ll be saving space on your device for new iOS 7-optimized apps, and unburdening yourself from stuff you don’t need in the process.

    You won’t be able to downgrade

    If you do upgrade to iOS 7 and find the experience lacking, there isn’t a mechanism for reinstalling iOS 6 afterwards. Even your backups won’t help you there – they save application files and settings, data and so on, but not iOS itself.

    Certainly, developers have been able to downgrade to iOS 6 from the iOS 7 releases (and the GM release), but all that changes once the general release is out in the world. Apple doesn’t want you to go back to iOS 6, they want everyone who can to march into the bright new future together.

    Your device is jailbroken

    If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device and you want to continue to use whatever tweaks you’ve installed, you’ll need to stick with iOS 6 for now. While prominent iOS jailbreak developers say they’re working on the problem, no one is going to have a working, public jailbreak on day one. So if you want to keep using your device jailbroken, you’ll have to stick with iOS 6 for now.

    Expect more updates from Apple

    Almost inevitably, x.0 software releases from Apple are followed in fairly quick succession by x.01 updates. After all, Apple can’t fix everything all at once, and there was a line in the sand that Apple’s own developers had to make in order to create a GM version in preparation for release. Certainly Apple’s tried to fix as much as it can, including total showstoppers.

    But stuff happens. So if you can get away with it, it may be a good idea to wait out the initial rush of iOS 7 downloads to get a sense of what works, what doesn’t, and what’s left to fix or optimize, before hopping on board. Apple will clean as much up as it can with the next few incremental maintenance updates, I’m sure.

    There are a lot of good reasons to get iOS 7, but nothing in it is going to be helpful if you can’t get your work done with your device. So if you can, wait a little bit before jumping in.

    Are you planning to get iOS 7 as soon as it comes out? Or does waiting sound like a better idea? I’m interested to hear from you, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.


    • buccoswin

      Are you kidding me with that post? Did you even beta test it? It’s great.. it’s smooth, lite, and extremely efficient (battery life as an example). Stop deterring people from this as you clearly are just stating generalities and theories within that entire post. However.. Apple did eff up because I updated to Gold Master today only to realize that they did not release iTunes 11.1 for PC yet.. #failapple

    • Robert

      You can downgrade in DFU mode, idiot.

    • James Parker

      There actually is a way to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6. Just gotta read up on it online.

    • John Buttface


    • Thomas Paolino

      Have had ios7 since beta 1 in June and let me tell you it was worth having it then. And with the GM just released with all the final tweaks including the new ringtones and wallpapers, the new os is a must have for everyone. Download ASAP.

      • Shawn Ryan

        I want it now!!! They still haven’t released it yet…………I’m getting antsy………

        • Parichit

          Still waiting……

    • Koopaflower

      I actually dislike the flat look on iOS 7, it reminds me too much of an Android. I don’t like Android that much.
      Unfortunately a few of my apps are updated for iOS7, and they have acquired that flat design. All I have to say is that I cannot update right now anyways, it hasn’t popped up in my settings. I do like the shortcuts that iOS 7 has to offer. But dislike the icon looks, and how the screen is unlocked. Actually, how the screen is unlocked in iOS 7, is almost like the Samsung Galaxy! I only had an S1, and I preferred the slide to unlock on my iPod over the other screen unlock on my phone.

  • Shahzeb Ahmed

    I’m still having 3 hr 30 min to get my update,, cant wait now ! so excited

  • Danger

    Not to get too technical, but 10 AM PST is around 1 PM EST, right?

    • L:)

      That’s right

    • V35_Pilot

      On most world clocks 10am PST is exactly 1pm EST. It is usually the hour hand that is different across timezones, not the minute hand. Hope that wasn’t too technical.

  • Eric

    I have it but I’m a developer it is amazing

  • Robert

    10 AM PDT in the east is 1 PM, not Noon. Fail.

  • John Buttface

    I’m home schooled ha ha!!!

  • Dill pickle l

    me too im in school just waiting till 10 a clock its 9:18 I cant wait I think I might leave at lunch because I soo happy I just hope theres a jailbreak for it because idk I have never jailbreak a iphone only my old 3gs but it got stolen I hate this class im soo bored ahaha I waited to 2 am but I feel asleap

    • Joe Valente

      I highly, highly doubt there’s going to be a functioning jailbreak the day iOS 7 comes out

    • Jo

      Judging by your lack of punctuation or how to make complete sentences, maybe you should think about staying in school today and concentrate a little harder in English class.

  • Sebas

    I’m just hoping gba4ios still works

  • kite005

    Here’s why you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 7…yet

    What if it slows down my installation? :-)

  • Dill pickle l

    we only have like 35 mins I dint back up tho im at school so yolo

    • M4rkk

      You do realize everyone get’s the update at the same time. You got another 2 hours to go. Good luck.

  • Dill pickle l

    hey can you jailbreak cause I rely want to cause you cant with ios 6.1.4 but I think you can already with ios 7 idk yet

  • Dill pickle l

    32 mins

  • Dill pickle l


  • Nithin Balaji

    i will be studying my pants out the wazoo so not quite sure. I might have to be a bad little boy and sneak off to the library to go download this as I am reading the Letter K of the dictionary. JSOOOOOO EXIICJITDED ;)


    android is the most advanced ios 7 is simple

  • Dawson

    Can’t wait for it

  • Tyson E. Dewsnup

    I’m hoping it improves the atrocious battery life of iPhone 5!

  • Madison Brown

    Can I get ios-7 with my iphone 4? if so how?

    • Dawson

      Yes, and by going in settings and, going to general, in settings and go to software update

      • Madison Brown

        Okay thank you !

  • caleb_land

    Just to let you know, you don’t need to use iTunes to update to iOS7. iOS will update over the air.

  • David Sherill

    You can download it before 1 pm EST if you go to my page and get the code and hidden URL

  • Nathan Chaney

    How long do you think the download time will be since millions of ppl will be hitting download at the same time?

  • randomstuff4u

    was so exited after school.arghh still hasn’t come out yet for me xD well I’ll be waiting then

  • 4trouble

    I’m really looking forward to the “shut up it’s a phone” stun feature for Apple and Android fanboys.

  • Alex

    It’s one!!!! where is it???

  • Jervin Lomboy

    its 10:04 wheres iOS 7

  • Mr. E

    Bet it will be released 10:07 1:07 10:17 1:17 maybe :(

  • Mr. E

    Waiting…… IOS 7

    • Joe Valente

      it’s up haha

      • ozodbek

        i didnt get it yet

        • Joe Valente

          Yeah, Apple usually sends it in bulk. You should have it by 2:00. Mine’s downloading now, it failed the first time

          • Mr. E

            Thanks just got it trying my ipad now :)

  • Guest

    I see the download but getting “an error occurred” Anyone else getting that?

    • Joe Valente

      I got it my first try. I waited like 10 mins and now I’m trying again. It’s working better this time

      • Mr. E

        its not even showing up for me?

        • Joe Valente

          Not everyone has it available the second it released. Apple makes it available in bulk. Just keep checking every 10 mins or so.

          • ms

            well it almost an hour later… still nothing and I’m in the US. How the hell do they determine which devices see the update and which don’t? Just not sure why my iphone (4S) would still be saying my software is up to date if iOS7 is live on the servers

          • Joe Valente

            IDK I guess I got lucky. Mine showed up at 12:55PM, a few people I know dont’ have it yet either, some got it around 1:15. I’m not sure how they determine when it shows up tho

        • ms

          not showing up for me either… its 1:39pm on the east coast… wtf? Keeps telling me my 6.1.3 is the latest :P Tried relaunching iTunes and still the same

          • Mr. E

            did u update itunes worked for me

    • Peter

      have apple released yet ?

  • Mr. E

    I don’t See anything says no new Updates?

    • Haley

      I don’t see any updates for my phone either… Mines at 6.1.3 and says it is up to date… i don’t get it?

      • Mr. E

        1 try updating iTunes first *** This worked for my iPhone
        2 if that does not work shut down your computer and restart ( this worked for my ipad )
        3 if that does not work try shutting down your device
        4 if that does not work try again later
        5 if that does not work sorry maybe call Apple
        Good Luck

      • jeremy West

        try force quiting all of your apps this worked fo me

  • Mr. E

    itunes update might help trying it now

  • Nigel Chatfield

    42 minutes late on iTunes in the UK

  • Hunter Seifert

    Did you guys see that youtube got the update for their app for iOS 7 it’s pretty cool it’s new and everything

  • Gerson Paniagua

    is 1:57 EST and no ios 7… ahhh am soo hype LOL

    • Mr. E

      itunes update might help trying it now
      Worked Update Itunes First

      • Gerson Paniagua

        shouldn’t it be available on air update too lol?

      • ms

        Tried both… doesn’t matter. Not showing up. Now official over an hour after “release”. Seriously confused. I was expecting slow downloads but it’s not even showing up. Did the update server go down?

        • _privtla

          on mine it doesn’t show up on itunes either but it does over air update. but i’ve failed updating it 5 times now..

          • Mr. E

            keep trying i did 9 times now i have completed 4 devices try shutting down your computer and try again

        • Mr. E

          keep trying i did 9 times now i have completed 4 devices try shutting down your computer and try again that worked for my ipad

  • Parichit

    There no update yet? Why? :(

  • James

    Can anyone tell me why when the loading bar gets half way through to downloading process it says that an error occured and I have to start over and it does the same thing every time. It’s FRUSTRATING!

    • Thorsten Flynn Thill

      Because millions of people are trying to download it at once.

  • Marley

    It’s now 11:20 PT. I keep checking but it’s still not available.

  • p batezel

    update happened at 12:55 miami time but was slow

  • Mr. E

    got it 9th time through keep trying i stopped using the computer completely and finished within 8 mins good luck

  • Nancy Montero Boutilette

    Just downloading now
    …….4s… daughter phone. .. she cabt wait and I’m interested lol

  • Trent

    I have the download complete it took 2 hours.
    But is now saying update is not available at this time.. Why?

  • Derrick

    Will I be able to get iOS 7 with a iPod touch 4 gen

  • s~

    Im in Georgia, USA & it says “iOS Your software is up to date.” So I
    cant download the iOS 7 ..

    • Mr. E

      update iTunes first that happened to me to

  • Braxton Cornish

    My phone started downloading iOS7 at home and I left for the store and it wasn’t completely done installing. Now my phone is saying the software is up to date but it is still on iOS6. Please help

  • Sheila Bush

    wont let me, says I am update to 6.13 so what do I do. I have the iphone 4

  • Guest

    iTunes radio is not working and keeps saying that it is temporarily unavailable. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Jake Adams

    I still can’t get it

  • CouponDivaAndi

    i still haven’t gotten my download :(

  • Curious

    Does it work for Ipod Touch 4th generation?

    • joseph

      Nope sorry(:

  • joseph

    Ipad mini in Los Angeles , it’s not here yet????

  • rwgunn

    I finally got it loaded on my iPad (keep plugging away until it gets a connection) but it isn’t even showing as an upgrade on my iPhone5 yet. Frustrating!

  • a user

    i got my iphone pluged in the computer while waiting for it to update and it just shows the charger connecting to the itunes logo and my phone is already connected and it says on itunes ”preparing iphone for restore” because it was on recovery mode or something after i updated it. please help! i’ve been waiting for it to be done ever since 5:00 PM central time!

  • Koopaflower

    It still hasn’t released yet, I’m waiting to download it via iPod ( since I don’t have a computer…. )

  • SoniaSaraiya

    If you do not want the features why not just switch the phone off and buy something with the features you ant. Perhaps an andriod phone?

  • Nermeen Ayman
  • Nermeen Ayman
  • Nermeen Ayman
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