iPad Mini 2 in Space Gray (Photos)

Today Apple’s faithful following is preparing for the release of the newest update, iOS 7. At the Apple event on September 10th where they unveiled the new iOS they also released the colorful new iPhone 5C and the new iPhone 5S which featured 3 color options including a “space gray.”

Now there has been a leaked photo of an iPad Mini in the new space gray color, via Mashable.com. Mashable found the pictures on French website Nowhereelse.fr.

From Mashable:

Nowhereelse.fr has a good track record of getting its hands on leaked Apple parts and was among the first to report the fingerprint sensor technology on the iPhone 5S.

The iPad Mini 2 is expected to be released October 15th, just a few weeks after Apple’s new line of iPhones releases in late September. The larger iPad is also expected to be released on the same day.

Apple also unveiled a gold color for the iPhone 5S called “champagne.” There is still no word yet whether that will be an option for the new iPad and iPad mini 2. If they’re making space gray you’d think they would.

Do you want the new iPad in one of the new colors? Let us know in the comments which color you like the best.

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