Rob Van Dam may take some time off after WWE BattleGround



Ever since Rob Van Dam’s return to the World Wrestling Entertainment, the guy has been on a roll.

The man is in his 40’s but is still able to compete like he did when he was in his late 20’s early 30’s. When he was away from the WWE, he spent some time with the competition, that being Total Non-stop Action. He’s done some independent things here and there that allowed him to stay fresh, which eventually got him back into the WWE.

In his earlier years, he wasn’t really a threat to the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship due to the amount of heavyweight talent they had at the time. He did win the WWE Championship from John Cena, which he was actually named the ‘NEW ECW Champion’ at WWE One Night Stand a number of years ago.

Now that he’s back with the company, he’s been involved with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Which is pretty good because I didn’t really know who would be able to work with Del Rio and it actually make sense. But now it appears that Rob Van Dam will either take time off after WWE BattleGround or Hell In A Cell.

RVD has a 90 day block in his contract with the WWE. He works for 90 days at a time then gets a little bit of time off before he comes back and competes for another 90 days. No word on how long the contract actually is, but I think it’s working out pretty well right now.

If RVD does take time off, I think Del Rio will end up losing the title to Van Dam who will end up losing it to Damien Sandow, possibly at Hell in a Cell.

Is this happens, the creative team should have endless story-line ideas ready to be used.

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