Charlie Hunnam and Dave Navarro and Jax Teller and Arcadio int he FX Series 'Sons of Anarchy'. Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 2 recap: ‘One One Six’

I know it is early in the season, but things are already starting to hit the fan in Charming.

We finally know who the creepy blonde boy is! The young blonde boy that we saw shoot up the school in the Season 6 premiere was named Matthew.

In the beginning of the episode, Gemma and her “tired tubes” are disturbed by a knock at the door after what one could only assume was a rather good morning in bed with Nero.

When they open the door, they find Nero’s cousin Arcadio, who is played by Dave Navarro, coming through the door in a slightly panicked state. He informs Nero that the person responsible for the school shooting was indeed Matthew, Arcadio’s old lady Darvany’s son.

To make matters worse, the KG-9 that was used in the shooting belonged to Arcadio, and could possibly be traced back to Nero’s gang as well as SAMCRO.

With that knowledge in hand, Nero heads to speak with Jax and formulate a plan of action.

Of course, Toric is up bright and early ready to make everyone’s life a living hell. He once again comes to Clay pressing him to sign the cooperation agreement that would allow him to reopen the RICO case, and then exact his revenge on the club.

Toric opens up a little bit and reveals the truth about himself and his career as a Marshal.

“You know why I was such a good lawman? I never gave a s**t about justice. It was always about retribution for me. Hurting people who hurt people; that’s always my end game.” He said.

He pretty much offers Clay full immunity on all of his club’s indiscretions, a way for him to beat his murder wrap, and WITSEC anywhere he wanted to go in exchange for his cooperation.

Clay lays out his demands to Toric. He tells him that he wants to see Gemma and Jax before he signs anything. When Toric asks Clay why, he replies, “Because I want to hurt people too.”

We come back to Gemma and Nero. Gemma tells Nero that they need to get Darvany out of town. She tells him that the club can help him with this.

This is where we meet up with Tara.

Maggie Siff as Tara Knowles-Teller in the FX Series 'Sons of Anarchy'. Photo Credit: FX

Maggie Siff as Tara Knowles-Teller in the FX Series ‘Sons of Anarchy’.
Photo Credit: FX

Tara is finally set to be released from prison. She is talking to her lawyer when she sees Jax waiting by his bike just outside of the door.

She handed a notepad to Lowen and said, “I wrote down everything I can remember.”

Now, while I want to believe that Tara would not do something that could jeopardize the club, she has made dumber decisions in the past.

To make matters even worse, she asks Lowen is she started the “other paperwork”. Do you think that Tara is planning on using the divorce card to pull the boys away from Jax and Charming?

The tension between them was almost palpable. Not a single word was uttered between the two of them as they made their way home.

Could this spell disaster for the couple?

When Tara arrives home, the boys are ecstatic to see her. After a few minutes spent with the boys, Gemma tells Jax that something went down with Nero’s group, and that he is coming by. When Gemma tells Jax that Nero is coming over to discuss the school shooting, a look of pure shock comes across his face.

Of course, Toric has his nose in everything. He shows up at the crime scene and uses one of his contacts to get information around the school shooting. It turns out that he was right, and that the weapon was a KG-9 with no marks. We also know that there are 4 people dead from the shooting, 3 of them being children. 9 more were injured in the shooting spree, two of them critically. Matthew, the shooter, is indeed dead as the school security guard put two in the back of his head while he was changing clips. Toric is blatantly using his connections in an attempt to get closer to the DA. This is the first time that we get a look at the new DA, being portrayed by CCH Pounder.

Back at home, Jax tells the boys that he needs to talk to Mommy for a minute. Jax and Tara head off to the other room. Jax and Tara finally share an intimate moment when he takes her in his arms and tells her that he missed her.

Unfortunately, the moment was gone just as fast as it arrived. She asks him if they should continue the conversation that they were having when she was taken away. Tara asks him if he signed the papers that she gave him, and he tells her no.

Jax tells Tara that with Clay gone, RICO is dead, and that he is meeting with the Irish today cut ties and start earning their money legit. When she asks him what that looks like, he tells her that they are going to expand Diosa.

“It’s trashy money, but it ain’t dirty…or bloody” he says.

He tells her that after what happened to Opie, if he were to step away now, none of it would make sense. There is absolutely no way that Tara is going to win over the ghost of his best friend.

Just then the door opens, and in runs Abel with a giant stuffed giraffe. Tara takes the boys in the other room to play just as Nero arrives at the house.

Nero begins to explain to Jax that the child responsible for the shooting was his cousin’s old lady’s son, and that the weapon belonged to the club. They determine that it would be best for all involved to get her out of town, so they formulate a plan to get her out without the cops that are stationed in front of her house knowing.

From the intermittent times that we see Bobby in these last two episodes, it sure look like Bobby is trying to get the 4 people needed in order for him to patch out of Redwood and go out on his own. I am still having difficulty with the prospect of Bobby abandoning his charter to go out on his own after everything that they have been through together.

Back at the house, Jax is getting ready to leave to take care of the club’s business with Darvany when he walks up to Tara. Before leaving he kisses her on the cheek and tells her that he loves her. She replies with, “Me too.” Me too? What the heck does that mean?

I have never been a huge proponent of Tara in the past, but as time goes on I am falling more and more out of love with her. Tara and Jax have a serious communication problem. Not just on her side, but the both of them. This is something that the two of them are certainly going to have to work on if their relationship has any hopes of surviving.

The District Attorney is feeling the pressure as a room full of priests, parents, and teachers are scared and angry at the events that happened at the school. It is going to be hard to put together how an 11 year old boy was able to put his hands on an automatic weapon and execute a school shooting so easily.

She insinuates that if they can pin this on one of the Mexican street gangs the whole situation would be a lot neater. Enter Toric.

“Painting a gang face on this might give the locals some quick comfort, but that’s a very bloody band-aid.” Toric said.

After introducing himself to her, he basically lays out everything for her; the club’s involvement with the Byz-Lats, their guns, their MO, everything. He is bound and determined that he is going to stick his nose in everywhere he can in order to get at SAMCRO.

Finally, the gang gets to Arcadio’s place in order to get him and Darvany out of town until they can get their involvement with the school shooting under wraps.

They find Darvany passed out in her bed, while Arcadio is in the bathroom preparing what I am going to safely assume is Meth for her. Nero goes to her bedside to quietly wake her up when she trips out, screaming for Arcadio. He busts into the room with his gun in hand to defend his old lady.

Nero and the club try to get everyone to quiet down so that they don’t attract the attention of the police waiting patiently outside.

Arcadio tells Jax and Nero that Darvany isn’t going to be a problem; however, when they go to find her, she is all kinds of drugged up and leaning on the sink. Jax turns to Arcadio and says, “That’s a problem.”

“The only thing more dangerous than a rat is a junkie rat.” Jax says.

Back at the prison, Clay finally gets the one on one time that he requested with Gemma. She tells him that Jax couldn’t make it because he had club business to attend to.

Clay starts to tell Gemma all of this mushy lovey stuff, and how she was the one who kept him on track and focused, and how much he loved her. It is clear that Toric is trying to get inside their heads. The entire time that Clay and Gemma converse, Toric is right on the other side of the glass taking everything in. Thankfully, Gemma is too smart to be played like that, so she says her final peace to Clay and storms out of the room.

Behind the glass, you see Toric. For one brief moment, he actually made some sense. He quoted Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 which reads “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.” As it is with every Sons of Anarchy episode, the title is revealed to be a poignant part of the storyline.

It’s obvious that there is still some feelings for Clay buried deep down inside of her. Some of the things that Clay said to her really got inside her head. She runs down the hall to the bathroom and cries as she looks at herself in the mirror and pleads with herself not to do this.

Toric meets her in the hall when she exits the bathroom. Has this dude never heard of personal space?

The conversation between Toric and Gemma is one of the reasons I love her so much. She sees right through his crap and offers him nothing in return. In fact, she lets him know just what she thinks of him as she walks away.

At the same time, Jax is at the meeting with Galen and his new associates. When asked about what happened with Pope, Jax tells them that this was not a club decision and that Clay let his anger get the best of him and got “sloppy”. Unfortunately, Galen fails to believe that Clay would ever do such a thing as getting sloppy.

He told Jax about that Clay wanted help laying low in Belfast to survive internal heat and to set himself up as Galen’s U.S. distributor because Clay knew Jax planned to get the club out of the gun business.

Jax tells him that the last part of that statement was indeed true; he does plan to get the club out of the gun business.

Jax tries to explain to Galen that with the recently crushed RICO case and the school shooting that the club is going to be under the microscope, and can’t risk being locked in for this sort of activity.

Galen basically tells him to suck it up and ride it out.

Jax offered Galen a proposition that would keep business flowing all the same for the Irish. The San Bernadino Chapter would pick up the Sons’ inventory. Of course, when things sound fair and square, that is usually when things start to go south. This was no different.

Of course, Galen does not accept Jax’s offer. Why would he? Then we may actually like him, and we couldn’t have that, now could we?

Galen said that he would only take Jax’s proposal to the Kings if their business was doubled, which was not exactly what Jax was offering.

Just when you think Galen couldn’t make himself look like any more of an ass, he did just that. He tells Jax that he has a surplus of KG-9s that he is sending to Jax to move.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Jax asked.

And here it comes…wait for it…

“Fear stokes the imagination. Everyone wants the deadliest gun. Double the price, KG-9s will sell themselves. Looks like we all have something to gain from this tragedy,”

Really, Galen? Really? That is what you are going with here? I think someone just took the ultimate evil award away from Clay. Capitalizing on a school shooting? That is low, even for the IRA.

Jax tells Chibs to take the guns to the warehouse, but not to move any of them to the streets until he says so. Chibs disagrees saying that this is going to anger people expecting deliveries, and that since this is going to affect the club’s bottom line, this sort of a decision should go to the table.

Of course, this discussion is not up for debate with Jax. He tells Chibs that if a gun were to lead back to them, then there would be no more table.

It seems to me that the Redwood Originals are kind of bleeding at the seams right now. One can only hope that Jax can control the bleeding before it is entirely too late.

Toric is still pressing for Clay to sign the cooperation agreement, but Clay still hasn’t seen Jax, so he refuses.

Now back to Tara. I am more confused than ever as to what is really going on here. Is she finally taking a page out of Gemma’s book and learning how to run game on people?

Well, in any case, we come back to her packing up her office at the hospital. While having a polite conversation with her boss, she acknowledges that Oregon has pulled their offer off of the table. Then, here comes the real bombshell.

She tells her that she needs some blood work done “confidentially.” She tells her that she needs a pregnancy test. A…what? Call me confused, but when exactly is the last time that her and Jax were together?

After the break, we go back to the house where Tara is having a conversation with Lowen. Come to find out, what Tara was really looking for in her office was documentation regarding her injuries to her hand.

Now, we start to get a better look at what her intentions really are. She is working with Lowen to try to ensure that should she go back to prison for her part in Pamela Toric’s murder that Jax is stripped of guardianship of the boys. They are trying to prove that by his association to the club, and a proven “culture of violence” that Jax is not a viable guardian for his sons. I think I should stress his sons.

Lowen ensures Tara that this is not about criminality, and that anything she outlined in those notepads would not implicate her or Jax in any crimes.

Lowen mentions that they will still have to contend with Gemma, and that Grandmothers pushing for custody make a compelling case, and Tara cuts her off rather quickly.

“That’s not gonna happen.” She said quickly.

Here is where we find out what is really going on. Lowen tells Tara that she will wait until right before the trial to file for the divorce. Wait…what? Even knowing everything that has transpired between her and Jax, I am still kind of shocked by this. Jax is not the perfect man by any means, but I do feel like he is trying to do what he feels is best for his family. At the same time, Tara has not exactly been the most supportive of wives to Jax. Even being a woman, I can’t help but feel like the brunt of this falls in her lap.

Nero and the club now have Arcadio and Darvany up at the cabin. I knew from the beginning that this was not going to end well. Darvany is convinced that they are trying to kill her. No matter how much Arcadio tries to convince her otherwise, she is not buying it.

Unfortunately, that is what happens when you are hopped up on Meth.

However, I think everyone made one of the dumbest mistakes that could have possibly happened. They left a paranoid junkie in a room with rifles. I mean, come on…does no one have better sense than that?

Gemma shows up at the cabin unexpectedly. She tells Jax about what happened at the prison; about Toric being the one protecting Clay, that she is afraid that he made a deal, and all the guilty-ridden confessions that he made to Gemma. She tells him that he has to get up there and find out what is going on.

And then it happened…

Remember the room full of rifles I was talking about before?

Before Jax could respond to Gemma’s last comment, a shot went off in the room. It was Darvany, with a shotgun, and a new hole in the roof.

Everyone is trying to calm her down, but she isn’t even listening to Arcadio at this point. The situation escalates from bad to worse. As Darvany continues to freak out, Gemma pulls out her gun and takes aim at Darvany. Arcadio then take a shot at Gemma, thankfully missing her.

Darvany rushes to the truck and gets inside pleading with Arcadio to come with her. Arcadio makes a split second decision and runs for the car. Nero tried to call out to him, but Arcadio ignored him. So Nero pulled the trigger.

With Arcadio’s brain all over the inside of the truck, this sends Darvany into an even bigger panic. She tries feverishly to run, but is quickly caught up to by Jax. Had Nero taken another 5 seconds to get over there, Jax probably would have shot her immediately. Thankfully for her, that didn’t happen. Nero tells him that he can’t do that.

Now things start to get weird.

We flash over to Toric sitting at a table in his hotel room looking over the documents that he is trying to get Clay to sign. For some reason, he is grunting and slamming his hands into the table. I am not quite sure what is going on here. Does he have some form of arthritis like Clay, or is there something far more strange going on here?

In any case, he forges Clay’s name on the documents. This is not going to bode well for anyone involved.

Now we come back to the cabin. Gemma and Nero sit quietly on the bed as they bring Arcadio’s body into the room. In the room next door, the guys are tying a gagged Darvany to the bed.

When Nero’s boys get there with the drugs for Darvany, Jax instructs Chibs and Tig to start cleaning out Gemma’s car. He turns to Juice and tells him to get the kit. From the look on Juice’s face, I think he knows what is about to go down.

Now, we flip out to what I believe is the courthouse, where Toric is standing on the steps waiting for the DA to come down the stairs. He hands her a file folder containing the forged document of cooperation from Clay Morrow, claiming to be able to reopen the RICO case, and thus hand her the Sons on a platter.

She hardly even looks at the document before she says to him,

“We both know this is generic, inadmissible bull****.”

He tells her that they have to move slow with these people. She says that they don’t have time to move slowly. Now, she plans on continuing Clay’s protective custody until she can draft a document of cooperation with more “teeth.” Nice play, Mr. Toric…nice play. It seems as if he has struck up quite the little friendship with the DA.

Both of them have their own end games; however, it would seem that, at least for now, the paths to their individual end games are ideally the same road.

So, we are back at the cabin again, and Juice is about to administer the drugs to Darvany. Juice turns to Fiasco and tells him that he’s got this.

He gives Darvany the shot, and she slowly slips into her drug induced haze. Somehow, I knew this wasn’t the end of this.

He gently moves a pillow, and then another. Unfortunately for Darvany, the second pillow went over her face. The whole time that she was begging and pleading for her life through the pillow, Juice was just looking straight ahead.

When he comes out of the room, Jax asks “She good.”

What does this mean? Did Jax ask him to do this?

This poor guy; Juice has done everything that he can to get himself back into good graces with the club. From taking the beating of a lifetime from a brother to killing a young woman in order to keep the club safe, Juice has been there for the club. It just seems to me that in order to get out from under, Juice just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a moral hole.

Toric mysteriously shows up at Diosa Norte. He is shown to the Goddess Bar where he is told that he is free to mingle. He orders a club soda from the bar before looking around the room. He pauses after he lays eyes on someone that bears a striking resemblance to his sister. Whatever he is planning in his sick little head, I am sure that I don’t want to know about it.

Back at the cabin, they have found Darvany dead, and bring her body to where they have Arcadio. They are all under the assumption that she died as a result of a drug overdose.

Nero tells Jax that Arcadio had betrayed him, so that had to happen. He tells Jax that Darvany had two other children that are with their father, and that her youngest is dead because of them.

“No matter what the risk, we don’t hurt people like that.” Nero tells Jax.

He asks Jax if what happened in that room was his call. He stone cold replies with a simple, no. That is had to be the drugs. Unfortunately for Jax, I am not sure that Nero believes him.

Jax tells Chibs that he has to get home to see his wife, and Chibs assures him that they have everything under control. On his way out, he kisses Juice on the cheek. What is it with Jax kissing Juice? Is this some sort of symbolism spelling out Juice’s fate, or are we looking too much into this?

Back at the prison, Clay is confused when the guard comes in bringing him new sheets and tells him that it looks like he bought himself another good night’s sleep. If I was Clay, I would be worried at this point. I somehow don’t think that Toric was kidding when he said that he was planning on using Clay.

As the episode starts to wind down, Jax and Tara have a quiet conversation where Jax tells her how happy he is to have her home. While the look on Jax’s face looked truly genuine, Tara’s did not.

It looks like Bobby now has 3 of the 4 members needed in order to patch out of Redwood and go Nomad again. Where is Bobby headed next? Who is the next person on his list? Will he really patch out of SAMCRO?

Back at the cabin, they give Arcadio and Darvany a proper burial. The tension in the air is undeniable. They will know that there is more here than any of them want to admit.

The show closes with Jax and Tara in the throes of passion. It doesn’t look like either one of them are truly enjoying themselves. In fact, rather than embracing the passion she is sharing with her husband, she is quietly crying in bed. Is this foreshadowing to an eventual betrayal?

I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out how this, and so much more, is going to unfold.

Here is a preview of next week’s episode.

Make sure you check back next week as we take a look at Episode 3 entitled ‘Poenitentia’.

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