Jul 18, 2013; Hoover, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban talks with the media during the 2013 SEC football media days at the Hyatt Regency. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports.

Nick Saban, Texas regents speak about possibility of replacing Mack Brown

Chalk this up as a rumor that we had all seen coming. With turmoil in the Texas Longhorns program, there has been plenty of speculation about who could be replacing Mack Brown if he is fired at the end of the season.

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has often been linked to the opening, but now it looks like this could be more than just a little rumor.

According to reports, Saban’s agent spoke with Texas regents earlier this year to discuss the possibility.

ESPN passed along the news on Twitter:

It would certainly be shocking to see someone give up such a cozy job where he is king, but restoring the Texas Longhorns program to glory could be a challenge that Saban is intrigued by. After all, he has already accomplished everything he can in Alabama and capping it off with a three-peat before taking over another job may be the challenge he is looking for at this stage in his career.

Expect the Saban to Texas rumors to continue circling for the next few months.

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  • ThatElephantInTheRoom

    Josh Sanchez is all about some SEC hate.

  • Rebecca Ash

    I’ll believe this when I see it. smh

  • Ben

    He isn’t going anywhere you idiot!

    • Scott P Bienvenu

      thats what LSU said, thats what Dolphins said, and now thats what Bama fans are saying. Hope and a dream, wing and a prayer is all it is for you to think he isnt gone.

  • John Jones

    He’s Gone. Enjoy this Season Bammers.

  • DaleC

    I wonder if fans made the same comments in Baton Rouge and Miami?

  • Gary Honeycutt

    Rumors are just rumors. How often have we found that the suspicious contact was just someone asking a coach who he would recommend?
    Speculation could be based on his departure from other good jobs to make more money.
    Some also believe that he would leave at the pinnacle to rebuild another program to show that the success doesn’t reflect the school or state, but his recruiting and coaching.
    Several coaches in recent years have used such rumors as salary negotiations.
    As always, wait and see and believe what you will.

  • PMC

    Saban has NOTHING to prove. If he does leave, it will be for money, which is his right. Stop with all the “cerebral” dissection.

    • Mark Johnston

      I am as big a Bama fan as there is, and when we hired Saban, I said, “If he gets the program back on track and competes for a championship within 5 years, then he is worth every penny”. If he walked in tomorrow and said guys, yall are on your own the rest of the way I am headed to Texas, all I would say is “Thanks, and good luck”. The man has done exactly what he was hired to do times about 10, so if he stays I am tickled, and if he goes then I am thankful for the time he gave us. As an aside, Les Miles is an idiot and still managed a national championship riding the tidal wave of talent and processes Saban left in place at LSU.

  • Daniel Self

    Hey bamer’s. The honeymoon is OVER. Goodbye.

  • Evan Jones

    Hey Josh, doesn’t Seton Hill have a big against Indiana University of Pennsylvania this weekend you need to be writing about? Leave real college football to the big boys…

  • Danny Bowen

    My question is.. does Nick Saban’s agent work for any other coaches? Ohh, didn’t think about that possibility?

  • EKObserver

    Its not like Saban hasnt done this before. If Saban were to win again, I could see him going to Texas not only for the challenge, but to live in Austin and coach at a top school where the expectation is to win titles. And Texas could pay him 10 Million a year to do it.

    • Danny Bowen

      Instead of living in Tuscaloosa and coaching at THE top school, and where the expectation is to win titles and Alabama could pay him 10 mil a year to do it?

      • EKObserver

        Danny, youre dreaming if you think Alabama has as much money as Texas, and if you think Tuskaloosa is anywhere close to being in the same plane of existence as Austin. Its not even close. Alabama historically as a football school is on the same level, but coaching at Texas is on a higher level when you consider everything. Bama is NOT the top school. Right now because of Saban they are the best, but Bama is not head and shoulders above Texas historically.

  • Andy Jeter

    Sexton’s client list: This list includes, Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, Houston Nutt, Nick Saban, Gene Chizik, Jimbo Fisher, Mike Gundy, Steve Spurrier, Tommy Tuberville, Will Muschamp, Phil Fulmer, Butch Davis, Frank Beamer and the list goes on. See any names that might like to have the Texas job? “Breaking news from ESPN” Really? It only took 9 months for a story with no legs to come out. The hate and fatigue for Bama know no bounds. RTR

  • Kevin Vinson

    Well never say never maybe kirby smart would be telling him to “go coach I’ve got this”

  • Angel Michele Cagle

    He has already said he’s not going.

  • PenneyL

    OMG! No…smh, I don’t understand. I wouldn’t understand.

  • Buttchuggin

    UT fans should pray chip kelly falls on his ass at Philly. After their 1-12 season they are going to need a coach. Chip is awesome in college, and is falling on his face in the nfl.

  • Angel Michele Cagle

    What everyone here needs to understand, is that we do love Saban. Coach Saban is a great coach. What most don’t understand is that true Bama fans will root for their team, win or lose. Yes, Saban has done great things for UA, but we will always be proud of our team with or without Nick Saban. At Alabama, we take pride in our traditions.We take pride in our school, our students, our STATE. It’s not always about the win, but the character of our state. We are proud, and rightfully so. All teams should be proud of their traditions. Anyway, my point is, whether we have Nick Saban or not, we will still be proud. Guess what? Saban has already said he is not leaving. I’m happy we have a great coach. I’m happy we are on top right now. I’m happy whether we do a threepeat or not, we will still love our team. I’m happy when other teams get to feel proud of their team and their traditions. . I guess what I’m trying to say is, all of the teams inspire us,.