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SMU coordinator says he has 'worst job in America' by facing Johnny Manziel, calls him 'Sharknado'

In just a few days, SMU will take the field against Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M.

It’s not something defensive coordinator Tom Mason is overly thrilled about as he cited his job as the ‘worst in America this week’.

Mason suggested that Manziel’s ability to not only create in the pocket, but create out of it is a nightmare for defensive coordinators, all but calling him a perfect storm, even referencing his performance against Alabama as ‘Sharknado-ish’.

Per Dallas News:

“I have the worst job in America this week,’’ he said Monday.

Mason spent his rare Saturday without a game glued to the flat screen, watching Manziel go “Sharknado’’ on No. 1 Alabama throwing for 464 yards and rushing for 98 in a 49-42 loss.

“It’s hard to really prepare for him. He’s going to get some on you, you have to try to minimize it by creating a turnover here or there. I think the worst thing you can do is change your (base) structure. You do what you do and see what happens.”

I mean, do the compliments really get any higher once your performance was referenced to be like ‘Sharknado’? I don’t think they do.

There’s no place to go but down from here, Johnny.

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