Breaking Bad: Walter White's Pontiac Aztek for sale

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One of the most iconic Pontiac Aztek’s of all time can now be yours. With Breaking Bad coming to an end, there are plenty of props and items from the series that are being auctioned off and Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek is one of the objects that can be yours.

The auction is starting off at $1,000, but it is important to note that the vehicle is crashed and it will take plenty of work if you want to get it running.

Here is the description of the vehicle up for auction, via

Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek is one of the most iconic vehicles in Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad producers used three Azteks making the show. One will remain on display at the Sony studios in Culver City and one is a parts car.

This is the third — a 2003 that was a crash vehicle. Its rear quarter is pretty much wrecked, and the glass is broken, so it’ll need some work. OK, it’ll need a whole lot of work.

Still, it’s Walter White’s Aztek. Which makes it one of the most recognizable cars on television.

The vehicle is not in driving condition and is sold as-is.

Along with the Aztek, other items up for sale are Skyler’s Jeep, Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair and bell, Walt’s inscribed “Leaves of Grass” book, Gustavo Fring’s laptop and much much more.

It’s pretty cool for Breaking Bad fans to have a chance to get their hands on some of the props, but you have to be willing to spend a pretty penny if you want to brag and show off to your friends.

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