iOS 7: Kid cries over changes (Video)

Some people love the changes in iOS 7, others are already regretting changing over and trying to warn their Facebook friends and twitter followers from making the same mistake. Personally, I don’t like it at this moment, but its more because I’m not used to it than any tangible reason. I haven’t over reacted though because it is just something that takes getting used to and I understand that.

Apple devices though are for everyone, scores of parents get their kids iPads and iPod touches and iPhones to keep them entertained. They have special cases with handles designed for them, they bring them to dinners at restaurants loaded with all the latest games and movies or TV shows their kids could want. That way they fire that bad boy up and try to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

So if I am still adjusting to the changes at 28 years old, and I’m admittedly not the tech-savviest person in the world, then I can imagine some of these young children aren’t too thrilled with the changes either.

For example, this young gentleman doesn’t like the new iOS 7.

[h/t] Mashable

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