iPhone 5s already sold out in Asian markets


Lines are already formed in front of Apple, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless stores all across the world as people prepare to pick up the new iPhone 5s on Friday. Unfortunately, not everyone will come away from the device and it appears that the high demand has already wiped out plenty of stores.

Online orders for the iPhone 5s are already back ordered and the stores overseas are being hit just as hard.

According to an early Forbes.com report, the Apple web stores in the Asian markets are already completely sold out of the iPhone 5s and those who order will have to wait until October to receive their new device.

The iPhone 5s is expected to have record sales in the opening weekend, but the back orders could bring the numbers down lower than they could have been.

Regardless of how difficult it is becoming to get your hands on the iPhone 5s because of the limited supply, the interest is higher than ever and it will remain that way until the consumers are satisfied.

As for the iPhone 5c, which released $100 cheaper than the 5s, the devices are expected to ship out in three to five business days.

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