iPhone 5s release: 1,417 people line up at NYC’s Apple store


New products from Apple always draw huge crowds and lines gathered yet again for the release of two new iPhones on Friday. In Dallas at the Apple Store by my house there were a few hundred people waiting in the rain for the Apple store to open. At the flagship store in New York City on Fifth Avenue, there were 1,417 people in line this morning.

That is a record crowd for the flagship store. They blame that in part due to the fact that you can’t pre-order the 5S.

“The vast majority of iPhone buyers in line today appeared to be waiting for the 5S vs the 5C,” Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, wrote in an investor note obtained by Mashable.

Munster also says that this is somewhat of an anomaly. Munster said that other stores, including the Apple Store on the upper west side trended up the slightly if at all from the iPhone 5 release.

The new gold iPhone 5S has been in particularly high demand, Apple has asked suppliers to boost production of that model by one third. Munster says the lines outside the stores indicated that Apple will sell 5 million to 6 million iPhones.

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