Lightning strikes at a high school football game (Video)



When you have a bunch of high school kids marching around on the football field carrying metal instruments, what is the worst thing you’d want to happen? A thunderstorm roll in? What about a lightning strike within a 100 yards?

That is exactly what happened at Orlando University High School’s football game on Friday the 13th. Lightning struck just outside the stadium near the visitors stands, dangerously close to the away team which was huddled on the track near the tree.

“We all ran for cover,” said Bob Jones, father of Boone kicker Austin Jones. “The weather was great and it hit with no warning. Friday the 13th was a crazy night.”

University was winning the game 14-7 and it was called at the half. Can you blame them for calling off the game?

Interestingly, the band doesn’t seem phased by the lightning strike while everyone else is running for their lives, including the football team. Something tells me the “band geeks” are going to hold this over the jocks head for a while.

To save you time the lightning strike occurs near the end of the video at the 5:08 mark.

[h/t] Orlando Sentinel, via Deadspin

What’s the tree look like now? Orlando Sentinel has the photo:

  • DaleC

    Why do I feel like I was tricked into watching 5 mins of the halftime show? Anybody know how to edit video on your sitte?

    • Mike Dyce

      That is why we put that little italicized part above the video telling you to skip ahead to the 5:08 mark.

      • DaleC

        Sorry, didn’t see it on the phone