Sep 21, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Hurricanes head coach Al Golden on the sidelines in the second quarter of a game against the Savannah State Tigers at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Hurricanes and Savannah State change length of game

I have heard of some pretty interesting ways to get a football game over with that has gotten out of hand. The first step usually involves the team that is winning big to run the ball every play to drain the clock. Usually the subs are in the game at this point but sometimes not even that is enough. The losing team is unable to bring down the runner and the depth on the losing team tends to not be up to par.

I have seen some extreme circumstances where both coaches agree to a running clock to get the game over with quicker. This usually entails that the clock will not stop regardless of the outcome of the play. So whether it is a first down, incomplete pass, or out-of-bounds play, the clock will continue to run until the end of the game. When this step is brought into play, usually the beat down is so out of control that both coaches are basically just embarassed and want the game to end.

Then there is what happened with the Miami Hurricanes and Savannah State.



Apparently a running clock wasn’t enough for these two teams. They decided to just shorten the game. Now I was not aware that you could just change the official time of a game. Does this work both ways also? What if both coaches are really having a great time during a close game and they just decide to add another 10 minutes onto a game? This feels a little too much like a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial to me.

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