NBA 2K14: Release Date, Features and Video Preview

NBA 2K14

There is new basketball game that is released every year by 2K Sports, and with each new version they mange to improve on last year’s version. NBA 2K14 is a favorite among sports fans alike and will release on Oct .1 for current-gen consoles and will also come out for next-gen as well.

Lebron: Path To Greatness

The best basketball video game on the planet, has The “King” himself in Lebron James gracing the cover. He even has a game mode dedicated to him as well. The mode is called Lebron: Path To Greatness, where the player can control the future of what James does in his career.

This is a deviation from NBA 2k11 where there was the Michael Jordan challenge. In this mode, players were allowed to play some of the most iconic moments in Jordan’s career.

They can have Lebron stay in Miami or allow him to leave after the 2013-14 season and join the N.Y. Knicks to start a dynasty in the Big Apple. This idea sound great, but it all depends on how well they can implement it into the game and make it worthwhile for basketball fans.

Here is a sample video from IGN detaling this mode

More Physical Gameplay

The other addition to the game is that there will be more physical game play. There was an emphasis on offense in NBA 2K13, but this game will have a balance between the offense and defense. They have a new shot-blocking system where the ball is always live, and defenders can tip, block or deflect it at any time.

There will also be an increase in the overall physical reactions between players and this will make fouls look more realistic.

Here is another video that shows this off.

This game is looking like a contender for sports game of the year, and will have some competition with EA releasing NBA Live 14 later in November.

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  • Tu Flako Bello Barranco

    Mmm like it but hope they have classic team

  • Bud

    Lebron’s path to greatness is a complete phucking waste. I don’t buy the game because of the cover athlete! I buy because of the game! And we all already know Lebron’s tacky/lame/bad for the game/back stabbing path to manufactured greatness. For this, I now expect a Tokyo Olympics game mode on 2K20! You owe us, 2K!

  • ♛Garrett Stephens♛

    I personally think that this 2k14 will be better. Check out my take on it