Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" cover revealed

Eminem is set to release his new album titled “The Marshall Mathers LP 2″ after arguably the best album of his career, his sophomore album. He has stayed true to the theme of the first album by releasing a very similar album cover.

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In case you forgot what the album cover to the first “Marshall Mathers LP” looks like, here you go so you can compare:

It’s the same house on both covers and the house is Mathers’ childhood home. On the first cover the house look relatively well kept and still in use. It even had a trimmed lawn and a awning over the front door. Now the house looks abandoned and is boarded up. The awning is gone and even the gutter next to the front door is gone. The lawn is also overgrown with weeds and all sorts of vegetation.

Interestingly enough, the house is for sale.

According to The Detroit News:

Detroit rapper Eminem’s childhood home on the city’s northeast side is on the auction block, according to the Michigan Land Bank website.

The single-family home at 19946 Dresden in the Greensbriar neighborhood, near Hoover and East State Fair, was listed on the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority website Tuesday night. The site was listed as the address of Eminem’s mother, Deborah Mathers, from 1989 until 2003, public records show.

The house, and a piece of hip hop history can be all yours for the price of roughly $44,400. It sold in 2007 of $24,650 in December 2007 but has risen in value. A previous owner tried to sell the house on eBay once upon a time but was unsuccessful.

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