Sep 14, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A

Alabama fan sends letter talking trash to Texas A&M (Photo)

The Alabama Crimson beat the Texas A&M Aggies 9 days ago, and the Alabama fans are still riding high. Most fans like to seek out fans of the other team and talk trash directly to them on social media. Sometimes they’ll go directly to the athletes or teams via their social media accounts.

One fan took it old school and opted to go with snail mail with a bonus newspaper clipping.

The letter reads:

“You will not ever beat us again. We’ve had two weeks to prepare for you and you have no defense that can stop us.”

The letter has no return address best I can tell, way to go. That is the snail mail version of sub-tweeting and pretty cowardly. The postage stamp indicates that it comes from Montgomery, Alabama.

Interestingly this bit of confidence came before the game. This wasn’t a post game celebratory in your face letter, this was a before hand smack talk letter. The stamp indicates that it was mailed on September 10th, the two squared off on the 14th.

[h/t] Bleacher Report

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  • Chip

    Well, that was dumb. This should have been released next Oct 11th for more impact….

  • KAWhitlow

    Hey, go a head and send one of those letters to Oregon!

  • Lee Latham

    What an absolute stupid story. Isn’t there always some jerk who does something like this? You media losers just love to try and stir something up. Bama was lucky to get out of College Station with a win…VERY LUCKY. Roll Tide!

  • Kevin Nelson

    Given all the college football topics available, THIS is the best thing you could come up with? Stupid, pathetic worthless article.