Breaking Bad condensed to two hours (Video)

breaking bad condensed

Are you late to the Breaking Bad party? Are you missing not being a part of all the buzz surrounding the season finale? Well there are a couple of ways to catch up.

You could watch the first 4 seasons, and the first half of the fifth season on Netflix for a one-time monthly subscription of $10, you could cancel it after you finished. If you did that route though, like I did when  getting caught up, you’re still on the hook for the 7 episodes that make up the second half of season 5 that aren’t on Netflix. They’re available on iTunes though for $3 a pop.

If you have a lot of spare time on your hand you could watch the Breaking Bad marathon that AMC is airing starting on Wednesday. But let’s face facts, both those options are incredibly time-consuming. Chances are you have a job, or school, not to mention a life to attend to.

Some YouTuber’s came up with a condensed version in a nice reasonable two-hour video on YouTube. That is about the length of a movie and you can get caught up without dedicating your life to Netflix or the television for the whole week.

You could get caught up in one night with this “cliff notes” and condensed version.

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