Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut reads Fairy Tales (Video)

Breaking Bad Mike Ehrmantraut

We are down to the final episode of the hit TV show, Breaking Bad. One of the characters best characters was Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus’s right hand man for his operations. He also was the middle guy between him and Walter White for the most part and the the Saul connection.

Ehrmantraut was a tough guy who commanded respect and wasn’t afraid to use force, he bailed the guys out of a lot of situations. Ehrmantraut was also a loving grandfather who did what he could to provide a future for his granddaughter. That included leaving her money in a safety deposit box. In later episodes we seem him spending time with his daughter at a park and hanging out with her when he is “retired” as he is under surveillance from DEA and the police.

So what if the tough guy were able to read some fairy tales, like he would to his grand daughter? That is what one YouTube channel asked him to do.

From Made Men:

Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut is a tough guy. He’s also a grandfather with a heart of gold. So how else would Mike Ehrmantraut put his grand daughter to bed but to read her fairy tales in his own way?

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