Breaking Bad series finale: How long is the final episode?

The Breaking Bad series finale will take place in just under one week and fans of the Emmy Award winning series can’t wait to see how everything will wrap up in one final episode.

Like the penultimate episode which aired this past Sunday, the series finale of the show will run 75 minutes long to ensure we have enough time to wrap up all of the loose ends and get the epic conclusion that the show has been building towards.

When the previous episode ended, Walt appeared enraged and escaped just as police came to bring him in, so there is one final storm left for Heisenberg as he tries to get his money and family back.

It’s going to be an action packed hour and fifteen minutes, so buckle up and prepare for the wild ride.

Here is the information you will need to know to catch the final episode of Breaking Bad, which will air next Sunday night:

Date: Sunday, September 29
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Episode Name: ”Felina”
TV Info: AMC
Live Stream: iTunesVideo on Demand

Do you have any predictions for the series finale of Breaking Bad? Sound off in the comments section with what you believe will be in store.

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  • Dylan Wheatley Masterform

    Everyone dies

    • TmoSamsungMan

      NOOOOO!!! Poor Jessie must live! He’s been through so much. I hope hisenberg kills all those racist psychopaths, rescues Jessie in the process so he can kill todd with his bare hands and walt recovers what he’s worked so hard for and then escape to Europe. While in Europe Jessie explains the truth to walt jr and they reunite. That’s what I hope for lol.

      • Mark Halvorsen

        I hope Jesse Dies. He is the CAUSE of his own shitty outcome. Its because he couldnt be happy with his 5 million and live happily ever after that all of this shit happened to him. I cant stand the whiny little bitch Jessie became. I cant wait for him to die.

  • Mztisa

    Its gonna be EPIC!

  • Jerry Mcdurmott

    Jesse will reveal himself to be a chemically enhanced super hero, destroying everything and everyone. He and Brock will move to Florida.

  • Jim T.

    I think Gus makes a return. At some point following the explosion of the lab, Hank made a remark that two people died in the explosion, but there wasn’t enough left of either person to identify them. Gus seemed to kind of go away too easily, and I just don’t think that’s where he really ended.

    I think Walt dies, noy by cancer, and it may be at his own hands because he tucked the ricin away in the electric socket at his house, and we know from a previous episode that he ends up at his house in this final episode.

    Saul obviously lives because he has his own spinoff show. Jesse probably lives and will be haunted by everything he saw as a result of being tied up in this mess, including watching his girlfriend be executed. As for everyone else, i suppose it doesn’t really matter. Does anyone really care what happens to Walt’s wife and son, or his sister in law?

    • DS

      The news report stated at least 3 people were dead. Not 2. And if you saw the episode you should remember that half of Gus’s face was torn off. He’s dead.

    • henryjones1978

      Gus didn’t die in the lab explosion. He died in Salamanca’s hospital room, where the news did say 3 were dead. Pretty obvious Gus was one, seeing his “Face Off.” Bringing Gus back would be quite a task for one episode.
      Saul’s spinoff show is going to be a prequel, but I’m sure he’ll live anyway; think the last episode as probably his last.
      I think Walt will go after the Aryans. Jesse will get away and live. Walt will almost get away but die somehow just as we think he did get away. Maybe by the hands of Marie, or Walt jr or skylar, but I think it will be Jesse that kills him.

  • Phill Rolen

    Well the episode is named “Felina” so I’m thinking “one little kiss and Felina goodbye” Walt’s redemption is dying in Skylars arms in the end.

  • staytuned

    Walt has always hated Eliot and Gretchen, but listen close at that scene. “There are reports that his signature blue meth is still around , and has even hit Europe.” Walt knows then that Jesse is alive and Lydia is pulling the strings. I don’t care at this point if Jesse is rescued by Walt, I just want to see him redeem himself before he dies. Walt can not let it end it like this, “all for nothing.”

  • DS

    Walt goes after Lydia, then Jack, Todd, and the crew. Gets his money. destroys the lab. Frees Jesse. Goes after Gretchen and Elliot. Perhaps setting GreyMatters up for the Meth production? That way they lose everything and he doesn’t have to kill them. Jesse kills Walt. Jesse tries to give some of the money to Skylar, she kills Jesse.

  • i heart breaking bad

    Walt will kill the guys who have Jesse. I think Jesse will kill either skylar or perhaps one or both of Walt’s children. He has lost everyone he loves all because of the decisions Walt has made. After Walt told Jesse he watched Jane die, and now brochs mom had had her brains blown out, he will make Walt understand what it feels like to not only lose someone you love deeply but, he
    will make him sit there and watch. Sorry for the run on sentence everyone. I also believe he is going to use the ricen for the grey matter couple. So excited and sad for Sunday!!!

  • Lucas Howard

    Remember the foreshadow scenes where Walt purchased the large machine gun, and after the most recent episode, it is clear he is going after Jack and his crew to get his money back; Walt goes in after Jack, kills crew, and inadvertently saves Jesse. Also remember that in the foreshadow scene at the beginning of this final season, Walt returned to his ransacked home to obtain the risen; At some point Walt is arrested, or close to, and ingests the risen. Therefore Skylar is no longer being targeted for the charges, the money is secure, Jesse situation is resolved, and Walt is no longer a factor, allowing the series to end.

  • Mark Halvorsen

    Heard a rumor that the final scene is of Walt with Jr on a beach but Im not sure if its a dream sequence or not. I think the Nazis are going to die but not sure how Walt can accomplish this without help. The last rumor I heard was before Ozy and it was that Hank and Gomez die so I wouldnt be surprised if its true. I really hope Jesse dies cuz I cant stand how he’s become this little bitch. He really couldn’t just be happy with his loot?? He couldnt just take his money and disappear??? All this is his doing. Hank had nothing without Jesse. Jesse is the cause of all this angst and I hope he pays with his life. I was glad his GF died cuz he was too stupid to escape. Jesse is such a hypocrite and I hope he gets executed by Todd or Walt but I think hes gonna survive to tell what happened to Hank and Gomie. I’ver never wanted a character to die more than Jesse.

  • David

    Walt comes back to kill todds family and does so successfully. Then in order to save skylar from getting in trouble with the law, walt gives himself up but takes the ricin before doing so which allows him to die without suffering in prison

  • lutherboot

    The ricin is for Lydia’s Tea…

    • chelle


  • Judgement Day is Nigh

    Jessie will kill Walt because he will have developed Stockholm Syndrome. He will then lead the Aryan Brotherhood into Germany where he will resurrect the Nazi movement. With this new power Jessie will raise Mike from Belize to kill the remaining Whites and Marie. Badger and Skinny Pete will find Saul in Nebraska and they will write the most epic science fiction series of all time. Brock will avenge his mothers death by starting Skynet and leading a revolution in Germany and overthrowing the Pinkman Empire. This will lead to the rise of the Machines. Brock will change his name to Kyle Reese.

  • manilaboy1vic

    The Ricin is for the two scientists that claimed walter contributed nothing to their organization.. they are the reason he is a poor teacher and had to resort to making meth.

  • alistz

    Since Uncle Jack took Jessie’s confession, there is no physical evidence or confession that ties Walter White to the criminal enterprise. (Still unaccounted for though is Walt’s phone confession to Jessie as he raced to the money in the desert). The Nazi’s have all the money too. This makes it possible for Walter White to claim that he and Jesse were held prisoners by the Nazi’s and forced to cook Meth against their will, with the threat of killing their loved ones used to compel their obedience, and the murder of Jesse’s girl Andrea reinforces that story. Todd’s breaking into the White home makes that story believable to Skylar too.

    Everything that Marie and Skylar have said at this point can be refuted as misinformation and supposition based upon their lack of understanding the situation the Nazi’s had Walt in.

    Walt must kill the Nazi’s, he will not use the big gun, but rather his brain to accomplish this. He will then somehow be confronted with Todd / Lydia and Todd will attempt to use his smooth-its-all-business demeanor to convince Walt to keep the enterprise running. At that point Jessie will somehow kill Todd. Walt will then kill Jessie and Lydia.

    He will turn himself in, claiming he ran out of fear. That he was kidnapped by the Nazi’s and that he and was trying to save Jessie, he was trying to keep his family safe. He did not kill, Hank. He was not Heisenberg, he will lay everything at the foot of the Nazis and claim that everything that happened was because he was a victim. In the end, his story will be accepted. Even Marie will be convinced that Hank was wrong, that Walt was only trying to save his loved ones.

    Then Marie will find Walt’s phone confession.

  • Stephen Gauntt

    I think he kills the Nazi group, turns himself in and tells the cops Skylar had nothing to do with it. Then he implicates the drug company into being involved to bring them down. Then he takes the ricin and the final scene is him talking to his family from a hospital bed before he dies.

  • Melwing

    Is that 75 minutes air time or actual length of the show? (Meaning is it 75 minutes including commercial breaks). Sorry if this has been answered and I missed it :)

  • Supermegaslacker

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next episode begin with a scene of Todd and Lydia at the cafe. Walt hands the waitress a huge stack of cash or somehow sneaks the ricin into her tea himself behind the scenes. Lydia out. I am uncertain of the exact timeline here so this one may be a miss. Lydia and the ricin just seem to go together.

    As much as Walt is pissed off with Elliot and Gretchen they are decent people and I doubt will be targets of Walt’s final battle. Walt knows it is his own fault he sold his interest in Grey Matter. They just made him realize he needs to end what he started with the blue meth.

    Certainly he hasn’t gone to all the trouble to acquire that .50 cal and not use it. He will open fire on Jack and crew at the compound laying waste to everyone in it. My guess is Todd will retreat into Jessie’s cubby hole and be strangled to death by Jessie using the handcuff chains.

    Walt most likely will be critically injured in the exchange of gunfire. Once Jack and crew are all dead, he will have an opportunity to kill Jessie at this point but will not. He knows he is going to die from his injuries and spares Jessie’s life. (Think Blade Runner here) Jessie will not kill Walt, even though he has killed, he’s not really a killer. Look how killing Gail sent him into a tailspin he never really recovered from. Plus he doesn’t need to since he’s dying anyways.

    Walt makes it back to his home where he dies with his family. Maybe with Jessie’s assistance? I’m uncertain of how he will be received by his family. The police will likely be in attendance for his death pissed off they can’t prosecute him. Haha!

    Jessie and Saul are probably the only characters with any redeeming qualities on the show so likely be the only ones to survive.

    Final scene? Perhaps Jessie picking up Brock from Grandma and riding off into the sunset with a buttload of money?

    Okay go ahead and rip apart my hypothesis……

    • Doug

      That’s not a .50 cal. The M-60 is a 7.62x51mm machine gun. A .50 cal is too heavy to carry, it must be mounted. Either way, it has the capability of causing a lot of damage.