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Chris Brown says White America gives Jay Z a pass

Brooklyn rapper Jay Z was disapproving of Rihanna’s reconciliation with musician Chris Brown following their highly publicized domestic violence incident. Hov and Brown haven’t been on the same wavelength and have had a tense relationship ever since that incident. Now in an interview with Jet magazine, Brown addressed the tension and took some shots at Jay Z.

From XXL Magazine:

“This is something I’ve been dealing with for the past maybe five years,” Brown tells Jet. ”Anybody with a voice – Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. – gets formatted…except maybe for Jay Z, who is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”

The incident Brown is referring to is a an accusation from 2000 that Jay Z stabbed a rival record executive, Lance Rivera, in a New York City nightclub. Brown’s point is that mainstream Americans have forgotten about that incident and forgiven him for it in a way that he hasn’t been since his arrest.

Americans can be quick to forgive the transgressions of one person’s past. Of course Chris Brown doesn’t do anything to rehabilitate his image and if anything seems to embrace the ‘bad guy’ image.

For instance this Vine video (NSFW language):

If anyone else posted this it’d be harmless fun, but given his record it’s questionable for him to post a video like this. Maybe if he learned from Jay Z and tried to rehabilitate his image by a variety of options from working with or donating to battered women shelters or “shaking hands and kissing babies” he too, would be forgiven.

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  • Chris Simmons

    I feel for the guy. I hope america doesn’t push him to suicide

    • Dev2008

      He needs therapy so he can learn accountability. He isn’t a victim. That mindset will allow him to let his anger soar and be justifiable because he suffered abuse from his Dad or saw his Dad hurt his Mom. At a certain point you can’t blame what pain you went through to make excuses for your bad behavior. He nearly killed his girlfriend. Has abused other women and gotten into fights with guys he doesn’t like. America did allow him back into a music career, they have bought his music, accept him on the Grammy’s. He didn’t lose his career, people did give him a second chance and he still doesn’t see that or accept that no some people will not get over his abusing Rihanna, his playing the victim, his anger getting out of control. America won’t push him to suicide, only he can do that. And to blame it on the master and white people now and horrifically compare himself to 17 year old Trayvon? I just have no respect for this guy.because he has no sincerity in what he did..IMMEDIATELY after he took on the role of victim. NOPE he is the perpetrator and perpetuator of all the crap. I hope he gets it together, but I will never have respect for him until I am convinced he does.

      • Chris Simmons

        I read the first sentence then stopped. You only feel that way because he is a celebrity. He’s not tangible. He’s not across the street. He’s not your brother. Your cousin. Your nephew. Your son. He means nothing to you. So of course, after 5 years you can still say what he needs from your point of view. But if He was someone you actually knew, I guarantee you wouldn’t feel the same way you do now. He’s just a kid. He’s a lost, lost kid. But of course you live the perfect life with perfect relatives. So, have a good day.

  • Meandmybish

    Chris is a dumbazz, he lost me as a fan a long time ago

  • Dijah

    I’m not sure why he continues to question why no one has forigven him when he continues to act like an asshole. That Vine video is a great example. When I saw that video, I thought, WTF? I would hate to see him really lose it and harm himself in any way, but he really needs to think about some of his words and actions!

    • Tevin Martin

      How does the vine video make a point? It was funny vid and he was having a good time dumb ass bitch.

      • Dijah

        Oh fuck you. It doesn’t necessarily make a point but it doesn’t help his case, especially in regards to his treatment of women. You may see it as him “just having a good time” but not everyone does. And I have an opinion like everyone else douchebag.

        • Tevin Martin

          bitch you’re still stuck on his past. Move the fuck on. He’s doing the best he can to be the best person that he can be from that. Plus, the media doesn’t say the positive things that he’s doing. So before you start judging someone, make sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about. Like you said, you said the video makes a point that he’s an asshole when the video was clearly planned dumb ass. When he said ” fuck that bitch ” it’s an actual song.

          • Dijah

            He has a problem and hasn’t bothered to seek help. Doing a few good deeds and then whining on Twitter about how many good deeds he has done since the incident isn’t positive. It’s saying, “Oh look at me doing nice things. Give me credit. Leave me alone. Forget that I beat the shit out of someone.” I know that Fuck That Bitch is an actual song stupid ass. You’re the BITCH. You sound like a whiny ass punk coming at me sideways like that. Just because you don’t want to acknowledge that Chris Brown is a raging fool who needs help doesn’t mean that nobody else will. I actually like Chris Brown. He’s talented and I wish the best for him, but I feel like he needs to STFU STFD and seek help. Fuck off.

          • Blah

            This fight is absolutely stupid what Chris Brown did happened 5 years ago…And people hate him with no signs of forgiveness shit am sorry but why try to act right if people are still gonna hate you. Might as well act out i guess thats how Chris Brown sees it. He right though Jay-z had a worst past than him doesn’t matter how long ago it was Chris Brown is still getting judgments even though he apologized numerous times. Did Jay-z apologize for what he did?

          • Tevin Martin

            I sound like a whining punk? How so, when I’m proving a point? You don’t know how it feels for people to keep at you when you’re trying to do the best thing. You don’t know how he’s feeling mentally. WAIT, did you just say you like chris brown? LIES, how can you like someone if you’re downing them? My thing is you say he done a few good thing and that’s a complete flaw. If you actually took the time to look at the positive thing he’s doing, you would see that he has done a lot of good things!

        • Cecil Andre Van Lare

          Can I say something? Sure Chris messed up BIG time. But also, he has been trying to change.. But the media and other artists (Like Frank Ocean and Drake) keep drawing him in a bad light instead of being neutral and giving him a remote chance it seems… Like the media automatically assumed Chris started his fights with Frank and Drake, yet he was the one who was trying to settle things peacefully at first… He tried to say sorry to Frank for taking his parking spot but Frank refused the apology like a baby. Drake completely disregarded the friendly gesture Chris did when he bought a bottle of champange for him in that club.. Plus this other gold digging woman said that he hit her which was an obvious lie, yet the media went on with it anyway and when the lie came out they didn’t say anything about it? Come on…

          • Dijah

            I feel like he has been trying to change in SOME ways, and that is a great thing. I just don’t feel that he has really seeked help for anger and domestic violence specifically. He continues to make comments such as the one mentioned in this article and sometimes acts like a big ass baby. Why is he focusing on what other people have done? He needs to focus on himself.

          • Cecil Andre Van Lare

            What I don’t understand is why they say his domestic violence thing is an “Ongoing problem” and label him as a woman beater as if he’s done it multiple times…. He’s only done it once.. He is trying to focus on himself I believe… But there is always something or someone trying to derail his train… He makes comments cause others keep doing it… But it is true, I think it would be best for him to take it a bit more quietly though… The more someone complains about someone being negative to him, the more those negative people bash… It’s like they feed off of one’s negative responses… Honestly for the past while I feel he has been better.. shouldn’t we give him that credit? Honestly

      • Dijah

        You look like the type of dumbass who spends his time commenting on articles like this to defend dumb ass Chris Brown. Fuck off.

  • Steve Gallegos

    I hate to agree, but he has a point, there are other artists that have the same or even worst criminal records, and they are not publicized like his, but thats show business?

  • Jeniifer Keeny


  • Lyricaldiva32

    I feel if Rhianna (the victim) has forgiven him. Then there should be nothing else said about the matter. I understand his frustration…I would be frustrated to if every time my name is mentioned it s attached with a mistake I made five years ago. I am not condoning what Chris did as a teenager..I am just saying give him a chance as an adult..Rhianna Did!!!!!!