Don't bother Kevin Spacey at the Emmys (GIF)


Apparently Kevin Spacey doesn’t like to be bothered while he takes in the Emmys. While The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco was introducing the montage for the actors who had passed away, a camera was shoved in his face. When the paparazzi does this I can understand the frustration and desire to take it out on the cameraman. At a televised award show where you are nominated for Best Actor in a Dramatic Role, it is less understanding.

Of course I don’t think this was Spacey being a jerk or being offended, I think it was simply Spacey being funny. In the video while Cuoco was introducing the montage and on stage you could hear the crowd laugh a bit while she was talking, right after Spacey hit the camera. The images must’ve been displayed on the screens inside the venue.

Spacey was nominated for Best Actor in a Dramatic Role for his part in House of Cards. The show is carried entirely on Netflix and available for stream and is not on any television network. That is a huge departure in how normal TV shows are made. Unfortunately Spacey didn’t win the award, where Bryan Cranston was also nominated for Breaking Bad. Both men lost to Jeff Daniels for his role in The Newsroom.

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  • beatstockpromotersdotcom

    House of cards is really good

    • Mike Dyce

      I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’m intrigued.