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Kate Upton featured in ‘Golf Digest’ photoshoot

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Kate Upton is everywhere there days — not that anyone is complaining — and her latest appearance will be in the December issue of Golf Digest, which will hit news stands on December 15.

Upton will be featured in the magazine alongside the legendary Arnold Palmer.

The photoshoot has Arnold Palmer looking to work some magic with his putter, but he is unable to sink a shot until the lovely Miss Upton comes to his rescue. As an added bonus, Upton is wearing some atrocious clothing that fits perfectly on the golf course.

Apparently Upton’s manager has some sort of family connection with Arnold Palmer, so that landed her the gig. It’s hard to imagine anyone turning down doing a photoshoot with Upton, so it was likely a very easy sell.

Upton tipped everyone off on the photoshoot with this photo alongside the legend on her official Twitter account:

I haven’t seen Palmer look that happy in a long, long time.

On a side note, I have also been struggling on the green, so Golf Digest is free to hook me up with a lesson from Kate Upton at any time.

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