Apr 4, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; NCAA president Mark Emmert speaks at a press conference in preparation for the men

NCAA President expects “a lot of change”

On Monday, NCAA president Mark Emmert made some telling statements about the current state of Division I athletics and the need for change.

“I’ve said publicly on a number of occasions the only thing everybody agrees on with Division I governance is that it doesn’t work,” Emmert said.

Emmert was speaking in front of over 100 Division I faculty athletics representatives.

“I think the board anticipates a lot of change,” Emmert went on to say. “They’re going into their October and January meetings expecting to look at a whole different governance model for Division I. So it will be significantly different.”

The president has come under fire lately, namely for his harsh sanctions against Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky situation and his lack of action when it comes to the Miami Hurricanes and their connection with former booster Nevin Shaprio, who have had a self imposed bowl ban in each of the last two seasons.

On Monday, the NCAA handed out packets that said “the simpler the governance structure, the better,” showing in what way the NCAA wants to fix itself.

Emmert expects these changes to occur in the next six to eight months.

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