September 1, 2012; Eastern Kentucky Colonels punter Jordan Berry (37) follows through on a punt against Purdue at Ross Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, IN, USA; Mandatory Credit: Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Eastern Kentucky punter uses rugby kick to 'pass' for first down (video)

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you probably weren’t watching the game between Eastern Kentucky and Morehead State this past Saturday.

That’s a shame, because you missed quite the play.

Up 42-24, Eastern Kentucky was forced to punt – but wanting to pull out their best Chip Kelly, they decided it would be a good time to run up the score and try a fake punt. It wasn’t just any fake punt though, no, not even close.

As the ball was hiked back to punter Jordan Berry, all looked normal as Berry began to kick the ball away. Only problem? It was a rugby kick, perfectly executed to his teammate Trey Thomas who ran for the first down.

The play was perfectly legal (even had a built in screen) and the coaches opted to use it in the blowout since there wouldn’t be any ramifications (at least on the scoreboard) if it was botched, unlike a relatively close game.

Still, I can’t imagine Morehead State was overly thrilled at being the test victim here.

H/T OVC Ball

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