Sep 14, 2013; Austin, TX, USA; Mississippi Rebels quarterback Bo Wallace (14) passes the ball against the Texas Longhorns during the second half at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Ole Miss beat Texas 44-23. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Hugh Freeze calls Bo Wallace's comments overblown

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze claimed on Wednesday that people in the media — probably losers trawling for page views — made mountains out of molehills with regards to recent comments made by quarterback Bo Wallace. For those unaware, Wallace said the other day that he believes the receivers at Ole Miss are just as good as the ones on Texas A&M, extrapolating from that statement to say he’s sure his team can score some points on the Alabama Crimson Tide defense this upcoming Saturday.

Here’s what Freeze had to say about the allegedly overblown comments:

I don’t like the way it came across in the media. I went and watched the interview. What Bo was saying, if everyone will go back and watch the interview, I don’t think he was being quite as cocky as people make it out to be.


He was basically asked to compare our guys to A&M’s. Of course he has confidence in our guys. He made a comment that talked about him. He thinks ours are maybe better than A&M’s but I don’t think it was meant to be anything but him having confidence in our guys (

The whole concept of “bulletin board material” is one of the most nonsensical-yet-enjoyable components of football season. It’s illogical to assume a team will play better simply in response to a comment made by an opponent, but such boasts and brags do serve the purpose of giving fans something to bicker over on message boards. It’s all done in good fun and really shouldn’t be taken seriously.



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