Tina Fey nipple slip gets spoofed by Tina Fey (Video)


Tina Fey will be returning to her old home on Saturday Night Live to help the show bring in their season 39 premiere on September 28. With the show less than a week away, NBC has begun to roll out their Saturday Night Live promos and Fey is doing a great job at drumming up interest.

In the promo for the season premiere, Fey takes the opportunity to show no trail of embarrassment as she takes her Emmy Award nipple slip and spoofs the incident.

Fey won the Emmy Award for Best Writing for a Comedy Series when her slip was seen around the world.

In the clip that also feature’s SNL’s Kenan Thompson, there is no one safe. From the nipple slip to Miley Cyrus to even a little Breaking Bad, the episode promises to deliver some high quality entertainment.

Don’t worry, Breaking Bad fans, your favorite show won’t be interfered with.

“We promise SNL will be over in time for you to watch the Breaking Bad finale,” Fey joked. To which Thompson replied, “Like 18 hours beforehand.”

It is always great to see Fey return to Saturday Night Live, so let’s hope she can help us re-live some of her legendary performances and enjoy the new ones.

Here is the video promo for Fey’s return to the show:

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