Jun 4, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; General view of the NCAA logo at Hayward Field in advance of the 2013 NCAA Track

EA Sports will not create NCAA football game next year

After the NCAA ended their relationship with EA Sports in the midst of a lawsuit surrounding player likeness and an assortment of other issues, there was still some hope that the video game company would still be able to move forward with a new game next year that would still use college licensing without any mention of the NCAA.

As it turns out, EA Sports has had a change of heart and they have decided not to proceed with the NCAA franchise for next year.

From Bloomsberg News sports reporter Scott Soshnick:

This won’t make the fans of the NCAA Football series very happy, but it is something that EA Sports had to do to avoid any additional headaches.

The good news is that we will still have Madden, which is a cleaner version of the same football game, so we shouldn’t be too upset that there will be one less game to spend $60 or $70 on next year.

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  • Bryan Fritchie

    For a college football fan that doesn’t watch more than a couple of NFL games a year, Madden is NOT a consolation prize AT ALL.

  • TJS

    I play NCAA because i am passionate about those teams, their songs, their fans, their entire atmosphere. I have no loyalty or passion for any NFL team. I haven’t purchased a Madden game in over 10 years, but guess i will next year to get my fix.

  • aDon

    How is being able to play Madden going to cheer up college fans? People dont play NCAAF games just to play a football game, we play because this is what we’re passionate, we care about these teams. Why would you expect Madden to be a good replacement just because its “a cleaner version of the same football game” when its really not the same at all

  • Dre Scott

    I that suck I like get college football play with my teams. Two former college player who couldn’t make pro. Try get some money from EA sports. I want see had the game look on the ps4 I guess willing get to see now. I don’t like to madden that much i can play about 10 season college football it don’t get bored to me. Thank u for all the years for ea sport NCAA college football hope u be back soon.