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Kanye West Goes Nuclear on Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter

Just when you think Kanye West may have turned over a new leaf, here he goes again and proves you totally wrong. As we speak, Yeezus is in the middle of a nuclear rant on Late Night TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Apparently, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy spoofed an interview that Kanye did with BBC 1. As usual, Kanye was a little over the top in some of the statements that he made.

Here is the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Personally, I don’t think anything that Jimmy said or portrayed was out of line. To me, it was good clean comedy. Apparently, Kanye would disagree.

While that is a very good reason to be upset, I’m not sure what this has to do with the beef in question.

Really, Kanye…you’re going there?

I’m not going to post the next tweet based on what Kanye said in it. It’s not exactly safe for work. Lets just say it has to do with Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck in a rather intimate situation. Of course, he clarifies that this is no disrespect to Affleck.

I guess if you’re going to CAPS lock someone to death on Twitter, the least you can do is use their Twitter handle.

Of course, Kimmel couldn’t resist responding to this one.

Then Kanye proceeds to post two memes of Kimmel, both of which are not safe for children or work. But if you simply must see them, you can do so here and here.

Kimmel then concludes with this:

If this is a prank, then it is pretty elaborate. However, it seems to me like this is a good old case of a leopard not changing its spots. Here I thought Kanye had learned to take the high road.

Do you think Kanye has a valid point, or do you think he is blowing this whole situation WAY out of proportion? Let’s discuss.



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