Google Easter eggs: Type 'Google in 1998' to celebrate 15th birthday


If you are like any other human being currently walking the face of the planet with Internet service, there is a good chance that you don’t go a day without going on to the Internet for a good ole web search with Google, who celebrates their 15th birthday today.

It is crazy to see how far Google has come since being a basic search service and, thanks to an Easter egg that Google developed today to celebrate their milestone, we can get an old fashioned taste of Google by typing in a simple phrase.

Typing “Google in 1998″ in to your Google search bar will take you back to the original Google layout.

This takes us back to a day when there weren’t millions upon millions of results and before Google became a powerhouse company that is able to purchase companies, become a potential buyer for NFL Sunday Ticket and developers of their own phone.

In a way, Google helped take the Internet to the next level and it has become a part of our every day lives.

When you check out the original Google, the site is not fully functional. You can only search the term “Google” and you only see the first page of results, but it is still a fun trip down memory lane.

[H/T: Mashable]

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