MMA fighter Leandro Souza dies before weigh ins


We all know how much of a toll cutting weight can take on a fighters body, no matter if you’re a boxer/kickboxer/mma fighter, it can always be a dangerous thing to do.

Now I have some fighters in my family who have cut weight but haven’t really heard of them having any problems. 26 year old Leandro “Feijao” Souza apparently passed out and died after cutting two pounds before weigh ins.

He was supposed to participate at Shooto Brazil 43 which was scheduled to be live in Rio de Janeiro. Souza was a part of Nova Uniao and Delfim Cacadores. Souza was called in on short notice to take a fight and needed to lose 33 pounds in one week. Within 24 hours of his fight he still had to cut around 10 or so pounds before he had to weigh in on Thursday.

It’s a pretty sad story to hear, especially knowing it was a kid who had a lot of talent. I know fighters are able to lose weight, but taking a fight that was within a week and having to lose 33 pounds should be out of the question. I know they want to get in the octagon and make a name for themselves, but this is a result of pushing your body to its limit.

Condolences are sent out to Souza’s family and teammates.

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