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Kobe doesn't sound like he's on board with a traditional D'Antoni system

This isn’t good. The Lakers held their media day on Saturday, and Kobe has spoken about how he wants to play, that is, when he does play:

With a younger, more athletic team, the Lakers have been widely assumed to be running a style that mirrored that of D’Antoni’s Phoenix teams. It sounds like Kobe isn’t in favor of that at all. Last season, the mess of a season they had included a myriad of identity problems, but they finished the season 28-12 after changing things up. D’Antoni was running the offense through HORNS sets utilizing Pau Gasol’s skill set. With the core of the Lakers revolving around older players in Steve Nash, Kobe, and Gasol, it may help to run a slower style. Kobe and D’Antoni had a mini episode last season, when Kobe was live tweeting during the playoffs.

We will have a recap of all thirty teams’ media days coming on Tuesday.

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  • savi

    well I am a little confused again!! They certainly added pieces to speed up the game, but if you see the starting backcourt, bryant and nash, they won’t be able to pull it off, but other guys can. So, I believe D’antoni has to mix it up, Maybe nash will play little low-tempo ball and farmar will speed things up off-the bench, If that is possible

    • hookedonnews

      Nash can still run D’Antoni’s offense, and Kobe is fully capable of running the court. They won’t be playing at the pace of the 2005 Suns, but this is not going to be a slow-down half-court offense. D’Antoni has made it clear that the system will fit the personnel.

  • hookedonnews

    I am not surprised at his comment because a traditional D’Antoni system puts the ball in the hands of Steve Nash and is not geared toward the kind of iso game Kobe likes to play. I guess we’ll find out if he’s willing to be a team player, or if it’s all about him. His choice.