South Florida punter Mattias Ciabatti drills a two yard punt against Miami (GIF)

Sep 28, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; South Florida Bulls fans cheer prior to the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no worse situation for a punter than being backed up into your own end zone. You’re cramped. You know the opposition is sending the house after you. It’s the stuff punters have nightmares about.

That nightmare came true for South Florida punter Mattias Ciabatti today as he and his Bulls took on the Miami Hurricanes.

The situation wasn’t as dire as it could have been though as Ciabatti, despite being pushed back, wasn’t all the way to the back line of the end zone, rather, just a yard or two in the end zone. The extra breathing room should have given Ciabatti a bit more confidence as the Hurricanes decided not to rush the kick, opting for field possession on a good return.

Only problem? They couldn’t return it.

Ciabatti lined up to boot the ball and shanked it off his foot, confusing the cameraman in the process. So how far did the booming kick travel? Two yards. Two, stinkin’ yards.

If you look closely at the GIF below, you’ll see the ball hit out of bounds, just a few yards in front of the line of scrimmage – clearly, not a good for South Florida’s punter.

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