Breaking Bad series finale recap: Fan reaction


Sadly, it has all come to an end. After five years on an emotional roller coaster enjoying the journey that was Breaking Bad, the series finale took place tonight and the show came to it’s epic conclusion.

For those who are still looking to avoid the spoilers, stop reading now.

The show was met with an incredible reaction and fans were very vocal about how they felt the show came to an end. Thanks to social media, we were able to enjoy how the action played out by joining our fellow fans on Twitter and reading their response.

To recap how the show played out in the fan’s perspective, here are fan tweets during the Breaking Bad series finale:












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  • johnfsmith94

    But I don’t get it. Why did Walt give the gun to Jesse? Why did Jesse point the gun on Walt?

    • Prozach

      He wanted Jesse to put himself out of his misery, both from the stray bullet and his life as a whole. Jesse decided to let him “do it himself” instead of giving what Walt wanted

      • johnfsmith94

        It’s so stupid.

    • Pete McDonald

      OMFG!…what kind of retard are you? Apparently the last 5 seasons of the show didn’t clue you in…

      • johnfsmith94


  • babbo1

    Why are we as a culture still so obsessed with killing Nazis 70 years after WWII ended?

  • Nancy Morales

    I cried when want got to see holly and flyn for the last time… Sniff sniff

  • WalterWhite

    terrific episode awesome.,..